Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lefty Kreh's Tie Fest 2014

You know spring is just around the corner when Tiefest happens. The most 'intimate' of the fly shows-this one is in a small room with just a hand full of vendors, tiers, and exhibitors all put on by CCA Maryland. 

This is the entrance to the venue. 

 A book on fishing for snakeheads. Its not a fly fishing book but helpfull info-like 60+ snakeheads/acre on the potomac up in the creeks
 Playing around with some new shad puff patterns
 Flounder flies !
 Bob Clouser was tying two seats down. I didn't get to talk to him but I talked to his son. He and Lefty signed some TFO Mangrove rods for CCAMD
 I had some coffee so I was a bit giddy
 Then time to start tying shad flies. I have about 5 dozen to crank out for custom orders
 A Clouser tied Clouser
 It was the opening match for DC United so I represented the District Ultras
 Morgan from @TLTFF cranking out meat
 His box of carp flies for Beaver Island
 His local carp flies
 His box of meat
 And more meat
 A pint of lager is always appreciated
 Tarantula brush moustache
 Closeup of the flounder-
 Fishzoo.com with their 3D printed popper
 And we ended the night with Holt mixing old fashionds.
See you all at Kent Island next year


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