Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lancaster Fly Fishing Show Pics

Had loads of fun at the Lancaster show last weekend. I'll have a short and dodgy podcast up soon. Its not much but recaps some of the events. I should have taken some of the down time on Sunday afternoon to interview those near me.

Many thanks to those who listen to my podcast, stopped by to see my patterns, and especially those who made purchases. One thing I heard all weekend was that my flies had color in them, bright colors. Most flies other than classic salmon flies were drag. So lets see some pics:

Snowhite damsel in olive. I spent the entire week up to the show tying.

1" Clouser made from calf tail for shad
Japanese beetle fly
My display
Welcome to Pa
 Setting up at the show. We moved the table out to get more room and found electricity on Saturday morning
 Getting set up
 Off to find food. Looking out over Lancaster
 Had a great time at this pub last year. Would it hold up again this year?
 I got a spot at the bar around 8pm after entertaining a bunch of ladies who were bar hopping. They were preparing for a boozing trip down to Key West for the weekend. Hope they got out before the snow
 This stuff. It is just not the same after the Winston-Salem show.
 Onion bisque. This was good. Just like last year

 The burger was not what I remember. Granted I had a pint or two of the black stuff in me last time. I could go back to last year's blog but I got other blogs and a monster bass podcast to work on
Stopped by to see if David from PHWFF made it yet, took these pics

 Then for a cold beer from Maine with 'Coach' from Hardy's and Rob from Great Feathers
 Up early on Saturday to walk around the show before it opened. This guy used a new method to display his flies

 Pat Cohen's new hellgrammite. WTF are  you kidding me. And now Rich Strolis has made them articulated
 Morgan from @TLTFF with a Nature Boy Design Hatch Patch with my bacon fly

 Cohen's crayfish
 I love tying at these shows. I could do it every weekend. I cranked out a few dozen damsels, hellgrammites, some jumbo Johns, about 2 doz bacon flies, some braided bass worms, beetles, and more and more damsels
 Bass worms
 Power lunch
 Intruders that need longer shenks
 Reaper style flies
 It was a fun, long day. Then the elevators stopped working and the line was huge. It took about 20 min to get up
Feathers in the hall. Either from the dance teams in the hotel of anglers??
 Snow on your tv is echo from the Big Bang
 I ordered chicken fingers at dinner. They brought me the kids menu. Seriously. I was hungry 10  min later
 A nip of whiskey
 SNL was on tv. Oh the tying materials in that outfit
 Empty room on Sunday. It was busy and then gradually tapered off

 One of the hellgrammites
 Tied up a few striper Popsicles
 Extended tail damsels
 George Daniel got IN the pond to cast
 Addicted To Vise tied up some amazing flies. Some with out a vise. Please click and follow all social media. You won't be disappointed. Shame on the Irish pub for charging him, he's Irish.
 Next to Eunan (addicted to vise) was another lad. Looking for his card. He tied all of his flies with out a vise.
 Peter Koga was next to me. He flew in from California (no his arms were not tired). He spent the weekend tying up custom Pacific bonefish flies and while he was at a seminar I brokered a deal for a dozen Christmas Island bonefish flies!

 Olive extended tail damsel.
 Ever see the Buzzfeed Worst Things In The World? This happened.

 Not sure who tied these but they were quite filthy
 I got it opened. Ah lunch
 The Irish
 Intruder. I tied one of these in chartruese (can't ever spell that word) and it walked off with someone
 Another bass worm. Krystal flash chenille from Hareline Dubbin
 John Collins double bunny. Reba Brinkman had one stuck to her name badge

 Last pic on my way out. Bob Popovics doodles on the author table
 Still have no idea how Picasa makes this an animated GIF when it snows. Anyway, this whole no turn on red in Lancaster has to go.
 Next up: Oysters!


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