Thursday, March 13, 2014

Beach Combing Low Tide Wind Event At Roaches Run

Its not often we get a major wind event that coincides with me having free time and a low tide. I had been watching yesterday's forecast all week. Major winds for Thursday with gusts from 50-70mph over night and up to 35mph during the day.

I dropped the pixie off at school and headed out to run errands. I managed to get to Roaches Run around 11:30.

There were kids showing us just how windy it was in the parking lot

How windy was it? Al Roker fell over 
And a trampoline blew by the house

If you read last week's blog  you know I have recently found Oyster shells over here. I was waiting for the elements to line up for me to go out and explore. If its windy enough at low tide all of the wind will blow out of Roaches Run. I got there close to low tide and had a wide swath of shoreline to explore. I started at the boat slide and worked my way counter clockwise

The shoreline was mostly litter and clam shells. It took a while before I found my first and only oyster shells
 These were pretty big and I have no idea how old they were. I was hoping to find some sort of oyster bed and clues as to where they are living. The wind was super gusty and I was on the windward side of the 'pond'. There was too much scum and debris in the water to see into the shallows.

 I was super cold. I was bundled up. I was not happy to take off my gloves to take pictures.
 I flipped over a stump and found a bunch of scuds.
 Some of the mussels were HUGE
 Here is a view heading to the tunnel entrance. Water was blowing the water out.
 A HUGE clam.
 The gulls were working on this turtle. Notice this is the left side of the channel. There is more of a mud bottom. To the right (parking lot side) the bottom was all hard gravel and clam shells. You can walk all over there and not worry about sinking. This low tide event allows me to see where I can and can't wade in the summer.
 Mud flats. We usually spook some monster fish in here but never identify them. Just a splash and they are gone in a plume of mud.
 I made it about 3/4 of the way across the flats. If I had waders and not Wellies I would have gone further. My pants got wet and immediately froze.
 This is the snakeheady side. They like this spot. It is all spatterdock in the summer. Not much here now except the trash that washes in from Roaches Run stream.
 So long of the short, no oysters but it was a fun morning of exploring. I didn't really gain any new knowledge of the substrate. Maybe in an hour or so it would have been more dry.

The funniest part was finding this X-rated DVD. You really never know what you'll find when fishing or beach combing these areas.

I'm going to check out Chain Bridge this weekend to see if any stripers are in and look for the nasty gizzard shad.


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