Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snowhite's Scorpion Bug Slider Tying Instructions

This is my go-to topwater fly for bass of all species. It is simple to tie and has just a few ingredients. You can read all about it here:Fly Profiles: Poppers, Sliders, & the Quest For The Perfect Top Water Fly

What you will need:
  • Hook size 2 4x long streamer hooks are good. Bass stingers are great
  • Chenille, color doesn't matter
  • 2mm craft foam
  • Super hair -stiffer the better 
  • Round rubber legs. Medium are good, large are better (Rainy's sells them)
  • Strong thread to match 
Put the hook in the vise. I use a Regal vise and the hook is a Flyshack brand Saber Hook
 Get that thread started and work it back toward the and above the point
 Tie in chenille (this is Krystalflash chenille, it is light weight so the fly is lighter. Wrap forward and then back and tie it off above the point
 Tie in a clump of stiff super hair. This adds balance to the fly and increases the size profile with out adding weight
 Crank down on that thread so the fibers stay in. Use glue if you want to secure it
 Tie in rubber legs (4) just as you would do for a Chernobyl ant
 Use a bodkin or small hole punch, a bobbin tip works well too. Punch a hole in your foam. The foam should be 2x the length of the hook shank. You will bend it over the hook later.

 Put the hook eye through the foam and bend the foam over the top and bottom of the hook. The legs should stick out in an X pattern from above
 Make your first start of wraps between the two sets of front legs. You should be doing this over the middle of the X. Crank down. Don't break your thread!
 Fold the foam forward and do another set of wraps between the front and back legs
 Now the fly is getting segmented
 Do an other set of wraps between/over the X of the rear legs. Crank that thread down.

 You can make a big half hitch and move it over the fly and place it on the wraps here if you are done. If not, do one more set of wraps to make another segment section
 Tie off that thread. I haven't found a good material to make the fly hard to last a bit. The first things to go will be the legs if the fish rip them off or they become brittle from use. Other than that it will float.

 How to fish: Tie on a loop knot or clinch knot. Strip slowly so the fly pushes water, not too much commotion.

Use a Snowhite Damsel as a dropper 18" below. The bluegill will destroy this fly. The smallies and largies will engulf it. Stripers eat it too.We had a snakehead take a look at it but the fish literally saw us, paused, turned on a dime, and was gone. It was exhilarating.

Please let me know how you like the fly and the results. Smack it off docks, trees, and boats. It won't break like a balsa popper.

I wouldn't fish this as often as I do if it didn't put fish in the boat and make clients happy.

I will be tying this pattern at the Winston-Salem and Lancaster Fly Fishing  Shows in the next two months.


  1. Nice tying tutorial. Im a terrible fly tier, but I think this one is easy enough for me.

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