Friday, January 3, 2014

Preparing For The Fly Fishing Show

I am more than enthused to be a featured tier at this winter's Fly Fishing Show. I will be at the Lancaster, PA and Winston-Salem, NC. This is my first time so I don't know much of what to expect. Please stop by my booth/table and chat me up and buy some flies. I can't wait to see who I'll be sitting next to so I can learn some tricks from them.

I've been organizing my tying material and doing inventory of everything from hooks, threads, bobbins, dumbell eyes, feathers, tails, etc etc. I just put in a big order with Hareline Dubbin, will be putting in a big order with Wholesale Fly Company, and one with Amazon.

I've never sat down and tied for a full day, let alone two days in a row. I'm not sure the back will hold up but we'll see. I just hope to sell a bunch of my creations to make even and get some new anglers connected to fish with my flies.

I have also decided for the first time to teach my quick-tie damsel. This has been my number one go to fly for everything we fish around the DC Metro area and beyond. Its super easy to tie with minimal materials.

Other flies from my arsenal that I plan on tying are:

  • Shad comet
  • Shad puff
  • Shad Clouser
  • Snallygaster worm
  • Snowhite Hellgrammite 
  • 3-layer foam ants
  • 3-layer foam hoppers
  • HNIC (head nymph in charge)
  • Soft hackle, flash back pheasant tail
  • Curly tail
  • Scorpion bug
  • Extended tail damsel nymph
  • Squirmy worm
  • No-thread egg
  • Striper popsicle
  • Baby bluegill
  • Baccon fly (the only streamer I fish for non-steelhead trout)
  • Jumbo John and Jumbo Jane
  • Foam trico spinner
  • Foam Depot
  • Splat rat
  • Reaper style
  • Quick tie buggers
  • Beetles
I will be at the Somerset show in a few weeks. I hope to do my annual podcast in between volunteering at the Project Healing Waters booth. 

If you see me, please say hello and make sure I am not buying anything! I'll be the guy with the netbook and microphone walking around (you are more than welcome to chat me up on the podcast.) I have a habit of going overboard with tying materials at these shows. I'll be looking for deals and that can run me into the red.

So here is the list of what I've been buying:

  • 100' size 10 bead chain
  • Clear cure goo hydro
  • Dumbell eyes
  • Reaper tails
  • Krystal flash
  • Rite bobbin
  • Uni 6/0 threads
  • Rubber legs
  • Grizzly legs
  • Rooster tails
  • Craft foam
  • Eyelash yarn
  • Chenille
  • Estaz
  • Superglue
  • Craft wire (for barbless flies)
  • Ostrich plumes
  • Marabou
  • Hooks (I plan on stocking up at Somerset with Flyshack Saber hooks)
  • Peacock herl
  • Zonkers
  • Business cards
  • Ultra chenille
  • Brass cones
  • Brass beads
  • Scotch tape
  • And 'sketti balls

I'm also grateful to NuCast for the scissors they sent me to try out. With the wild color you will be sure to notice them in my tool kit. 

We'll see if I learned my lesson last year about not eating at the 'Grease Trucks' at Rutgers. The Fat Darell should not be consumed by sober people. I almost pulled over and gagged myself on the turnpike to get this thing out of my system.


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