Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Inside The Fly Fishing Show | Sommerset 2014

This is my fourth annual trip up to the show where I have been splitting my time between volunteering for Project Healing Waters (PHWFF) and walking around inside the show. Inside the show I do a lot of shopping, podcast, shake hands, network, browse, shop, and play with new gear.

For more pics, check out these blogs:

A lot of my time is spent checking in with friends and asking them to podcast. Most of the time everyone is either too busy or not at their booth when I make my rounds with the microphone. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures. I'll have the podcast up in the next few days and you can listen to who I managed to record. The list of who I wanted was longer than those I got ahold of.

Me and Davenport drove up early Friday. My wiper blade blew off on I95. It was brand new.

The drive up was easy. It was really cold. We pulled in around 10:30.

I've never seen a Big Bird fly before but there is always a first. 
 The PHWFF booth. Good location again this year. Still smelled like mothballs from a neighboring booth.
 These guys made some donations for PHWFF logo fly boxes. We used to get a lot more traffic at the booth when we did rod raffles.
 Mike Heck green caddis.
 Eastern Trophies 'Crittermite'

I methodically went through the dollar bins at Tight Lines. If I could have spread out each bin and gone through them piece by piece I would have been much happier.

I loaded up on material for gar flies, damsels, jumbo Johns, picked up a partridge skin, rubber legs, super Clouser material, estaz, and soo much more. I spend about $60 in the dollar bins.

Then I headed around to shop at other locations.
 I managed to find this gem. Saltwater Krystal Flash. I have not seen this in a store since 2008. I use it for my beetle legs.
 Beer. Donger Need Food
 A sample of fried food (my weakness) at Tuesday's.
 Chicken fingers. I would have been happier with more of the ones on the right. The spicy ones don't have that crispy outside.
 Saturday I remembered to bring some bacon flies for PK.
 Fiberglass rods donated to PHWFF which were 'sold' aka asked for a donation of $50
 Jack and Coke for patrons.
 Yes it was 10:30ish on Saturday and people were already drinking. #JerseySalad
 Lefty doing his casting. Its just effortless to watch him. Davenport was pulled out of the crowd and got a lesson.
 Over to Senyo's spot at the Regal Vise booth. His intruder's are just the best.

 By 11ish four empty kegs were hauled out and four more brought in.
I really thought I had taken more pics. I had a great time meeting listeners of the podcast, being remembered as 'the snakehead guy' and buying loads of material. I stocked up on more FlyShack Saber hooks. You can't beat 100 hooks for $7.

UPDATE: Realized these pics didn't upload:
 A free pack of Allen hooks I'll use for intruders

 Bamboo rod for PHWFF donation $250
 It snowed on Saturday
 TPFR Tucker stopped by the PHWFF booth
 Eastern Trophies flies
 Eastern Trophies booth
 Tying Chuck Craft's patterns
 A Mike Heck fly at the Regal Booth
 Dave Whitlock signing Davenport's print
 This random fly was at the TFO booth. I want one. Anyone know who ties it?
 Lefty signing up a rod for PHWFF auction
 PK's new ink from the tattooed angler
 Sophie's Bistro trying to save Dumbledore

 Salad frissee with poached egg and lardon. My weakness.
 Steak Fritte. It was that good. Philippe would be proud
 The cork game. I won this round
 This bottle of water was frozen all day Friday. I put it in the show all day Saturday and it never defrosted.
 Evan from the Open Fly Podcast and Allen Fly Fishing. Podcasting a podcaster
  My tying goods. The owl approves.
 We stopped off at Conowingo Dam for the bald eagles
 My new shirt for upcoming shows
 Holt approves of his new fishing porn stickers

Most of the hooks and materials are for tying at the next two Fly Fishing Shows. I picked up my monogrammed fly tier shirt for the next shows. I've been filing boxes (damsels by the 100) for sale at the shows.

On the way out I picked up a new level line from Daniel at Tenkara USA. I can't seem to find my line and have missed Tenkara fishing.



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