Saturday, December 21, 2013

New Podcast | Analogies For Fly Fishing Casting

You'll have to listen to the whole podcast (30min) for explanations on all of these. The below are my talking points. Hope these help you in your casting endeavours:

·         10-2
·         Computer program
·         Don’t see people in office or airport practicing their cast like golfers do
·         Drawing a O with sparkler
·         Driving a car – steering wheel
·         Empty to half full gas tank, not empty to full 90 not 180
·         Hammer
·         Hold right elbow with left hand
·         Jello cube
·         Karate chop
·         Left hand holds seat to right wrist
·         Less is more
·         Let the rod make the cast
·         Lift the rod, move it in a straight line, speed it up, stop
·         Lift-stop-drop
·         Luke skywalker lightsaber
·         Newspaper under arm
·         No EKG
·         No wrist, no muscles, no sound
·         Old ladies in florida keys
·         Pick up luggage
·         Potato on a stick
·         Potential energy
·         Rubber band on wrist or butt in sleeve
·         Shifting gears in a car
·         Should be effortless and silent
·         Stop at 12 o’clock for rod to be at 1 as you will go past 12
·         Stop cast at eye level
·         Tap someone on the shoulder
·         Throw a cup of marbles behind you
·         Throw a wet paintbrush
·         Toll booth gate
·         Capital Y

Roll Cast
·         Drawing a O with sparkler
·         Slide line to you, stop, drop
·         Across the shoulder to get more line off the water

Side Arm
·         Drop arm down 90 degrees
·         Cast with rod parallel to water

Double Haul
·         Venetian blinds


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