Monday, November 4, 2013

SRNY 2013 Packing List & Preparations

I don't often get to leave the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area. This year I have gone to Vegas, Sommerset, and Lancaster for fly fishing events. Other than that I really haven't left the area (snakehead tourney, a guided trout trip, PHWFF 2-Fly, and a wedding in Luray are about it.

Next week is the steelhead trip. I've been planning it mentally since August and been tying flies when ever I can. This is my 13th year going up to Pulaski and I've got my gear list down pretty tight. This is my first November trip so I'm expecting some colder temps.

Here is what I have piled up so far. My daughter keeps telling me to 'clean up chair dada' as most of it is on a leather arm chair in her room.

I pack extra of everything. Not only because I have extra space, but I worry. I'd rather have a backseat full of tying gear than spending a ton up there on material I left at home. Same goes for hats, socks, and gloves.

And GASP, I'm splurging on lodging. For the second time ever. Last time was during a blizzard in Ohio. No 'Camp Chrome' for me this season. I'm looking forward to having a warm, dry place to sleep and to be able to tie flies not by fire and candlelight but by over head light.

I'll never stop tying flies for a trip like this. My new patterns are intruder style and I really enjoy tying them. And in lieu of striper fishing tonight I'm going to crank out a dozen chartruese eggs and some white death

 I've been working on the podcast for a few months and plan to record each day's events at night. I also want to get Joe to sit down for a lengthy interview.

SRNY 2013 Packing List
·         8wt switch
·         6wt switch
·         6wt 9’6”
·         8wt 10’
·         9wt 14’

·         Orvis Mid Arbor 7/8 (WF 8 line)
·         Orvis Battenkill Large Arbor 9/10 (Rio Outbound short)
·         Loop 3 (Rio skagit short)

·         GoPro
·         Flip
·         Nikon DSLR
·         Olympus point and shoot piece of junk
·         ATR USB mic
·         Netbook
·         Iphone charger pack

·         Regal pedestal
·         Hooks
·         Bin of assorted tying material and tools

·         Dry top
·         Wading jackets – Cabelas, Patagonia, Kokatat
·         Bag of assorted fingertipless gloves
·         Bag of assorted windstopper hats
·         Bag of neck gators and Buff
·         Base layers top
·         Base layers bottom
·         Orvis wader socks

·         Stoneflies
·         Popsicles
·         Buggers
·         Egg sucking leech
·         Glow bugg
·         Sucker spawn
·         Meth
·         Caddis nymph
·         White death
·         No thread egg
·         Flash back pheasant tail
·         Rusher’s steelhead
·         Shad comets
·         Assorted random lot of generic nymphs
·         Intruders
·         Jumbo John

·         Camp stove + fuel
·         Leatherman
·         Dry bag
·         TP
·         Charcoal pills
·         Sunscreen
·         Amber and yellow glasses
·         Cablz for Jason
·         Wading staph and Seatmaster
·         Ranch sunflower seeds
·         Swivels
·         Split shot bb-3/o
·         Sleeping bag
·         Ear plugs + sleep mask
·         Plug in air freshener
·         Tin cup

·         Gatorade powder
·         Ardbeg 10
·         Bold red wines
·         Arizona ice tea
·         Nalgenes of water


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