Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bye Bye Drift Boat

Haven't posted a blog in a while. Frankly any free time I have had I've been either too exhausted to sit down and crank out some words, working on podcasts, or I've been tying flies for next week's steelhead trip.

I am no longer a drift boat owner.  My beloved boat was taken away yesterday. I am awaiting a check from the drunk chick's insurance company to put down a deposit on a new boat.

Here is the damage she inflicted:

Frog & Towed Towing Service

 She broke my net
 Boat so bent it wouldn't drain
 The marks on the sidewalk where my boat ended up. The boat moved 81 feet. UP HILL
 Bent gunnale

 Line in grass where trailer moved up hill

 The first of 4 cars involved in the accident. That van was dented like  >
 Tig ol dent
 The benches broke out

 The straps holding the boat to the trailer broke
 More benches broken out
 Rower seat bench broken out
 More dentage
 Broken out benches

 Final resting place of the boat. The cops said it was 'parked' on a residential sidewalk when they called.
No drift boat for half of my crew next week. We'll use Joe's Hyde and try to borrow some more. What a massive headache, heartbreak, waste of time and resources. Shit happens. Maybe something good will come out of all of this.


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