Monday, November 18, 2013

2013 Salmon River New York Steelhead Pictures

Loads more detail will be on the upcoming podcast.

I dropped a lot of money on intruder style flies and it was a gamble.
 Here is 90% of the tying material I packed to bring with me
 A duffle of clothing layers
 It took me 2 hours to cross the Potomac. One hour exit my county. I pulled over north of Scranton to sleep in the car a few hours and then got up at 4 for another hour and then pulled over again to sleep
Breakfast at Timbers. Something funny happened in there but as I will no longer speak to the individual after this trip and have removed any links and social media connections to this individual, that story will never be told (may be on the podcast). For any confusion out there, there is no animosity toward our lodging. We had a great time At The Trestle Pool Lodge.Warm lodging, fireplace, plenty of space to tie flies, 2 square meals a day, and comfy beds. Call Mark for lodging (Cash Only- which caught me by  surprise)

Address: 2575 New York 13, Altmar, NY 13302
Phone:(908) 938-5791 or (315)298-1115

Now these are out of order thanks to Picassa and Blogger upload:

I got my steelhead on a Bloods Dot
 It bent the hook
 Snow day
 Davenport with a fish

 Khalil with a steelie
 Davenport's first lake run brown
 Stankus' shoulder bag with flash back pheasant tail
 Later run salmon
 Back at the room for a tying session to replace what was lost, destroyed, or determined to be the hot fly
 Early morning casting
 Davenport's steelie. She started to hook into fish after following 'the legend's' advice
 Daily fly box update of what was working
 Chartruse intruder. The fish that ate this was showed the most aggressive strike from a fish I have ever experienced. I lost the massive chrome as it swam under a log
 Mixed color intruder
Major bundled up
 Return from fishing to a crockpot of hot dogs
 Blue and yellow Blood's dot
 Stankus in the cold
 Stankus on net duty
 Giant water bug
 Frozen intruder
 Stankus with a steelie
 Another view of the water bug
 HUGE crayfish

 Khalil taking a break
 My turn to take a break. Often fell asleep sitting there

 Davenport in the snow

The other creek north of town from Sunday
 I only spent 45 min there on Sunday before heading to the LFZ

 Stefano's pizza. Any NY pizza is better than local pie

 No plates = use cardboard from the box to eat off
 Morning breakfast. I slept in on Sunday
 Someone parked a Willie boat outside my room to make me jealous
 Rain on the way to the other river. Told you these were out of order
 Not a fan of people buying up land and then posting the shoreline for private use. The old school in Altmar
 Lady Amherst at Malinda's

 Pat Cohen flies
 Forgot my stove lid so this rock was used. Note the rock wall to guard the stove from the fierce wind.
 Off to the Altmar Hotel. New owners = DC Prices = thumbs down
 Cheese curlz and PBR
 Good burger
 Small order of shoestring fries
 I liberated some of this fake snow at Tops Grocery for fly tying
 A nice steelie
 Father and son with steelie. They used ShuFly rods
 Middle brother had to hold everyones rods
 Respect the chrome
 "jumbo jane' pink Jumbo John. It got a solid take on the first swing and then nothing
 Family portrait

 This kid landed a monster
 Underwater release
 I started to throw flash back pheasant tails and the fish started to take them with gusto. Time to replace. I'll do a tutorial
 Loading up pheasant tails

 More tying
These barely missed my little piggies
 Morning snow on the car
 Miles with headlamp
 0500 Trader Joes Chai Latte time


 Group shot
 'The Legend' with his huge hen

 Another trip to Malinda's. Spent most of my food money there. She put up a sticker

 Cheese sandwich
 I took the crockpot chicken noodle soup and froze it outside overnight so I could heat it up for breakfast
 Blue intruders
 Frosty morning
 Heating up that soup
 Another pig steelie

 More and more and more pheasant tails

 This HUGE steelie CRUSHEd a pink and blue intruder

 Then a glo bug to the face

 And a chode of a lake run brown. Jason and I thought it was a carp it was so wide
 Is that Godwin from Duck Dynasty?
 A precariusly placed brat with Producer Jason
 Intruders for Jason
 Drying flies by the fire
 Last morning
 Leftover salmon
 One of the treats I brought back for the wife and the Irish
 Stankus's pics:

Podcast soon

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