Friday, September 13, 2013

Drift Boat Hit And Run - My Boat That Is

All week I wanted to move my boat. It was at the top of the shoulder where the road is narrow. Easier for me to get it in and out but I was hoping it was still considered the 'shoulder' and I would not get a ticket.

This morning me and the pixie (not much of a baby anymore to call her BL) were at her class. I get a call from a private number. I answer it. Guy says he's Fairfax County PD and my boat is about to be towed. I first think it is due to the fact that it is at the top of the shoulder and out of bounds. He then proceeds to tell me it is illegal to park it on a pedestrian walkway. I'm a bit confused now.

I stated it was on the shoulder, the gravel. He said that it was now on the sidewalk-which is about 7 feet to the right. Then he says its about to be towed. I tell him I'm on my way. And he follows up with 'its been in an accident, someone hit it'. I'd have preferred if that was how the conversation started.

I pick up the pixie and we go home to switch cars to the one with the hitch. I pull up to the scene expecting cop cars but nothing. The minivan that was parked behind my boat is at an angle, rear axle broken, fender in pieces, and sides all dented.

My boat sure enough is on the sidewalk. Not 7 feet to the right but about seven feet over and 20 feet up the sidewalk. I have no idea what is going on. No one is there. No notes are on my car either.

I get out to inspect my boat.

The stern is dented in several inches. The gunwale is bent and mangles where the tie down straps securely held the boat to the trailer. The middle seat bench is broken off and on the floor. The front bench hatch is broken off and on the floor. Everything that was under the bow is strewn about. All of the recycling bottles and cans (clap your hands, meh, I'm not in the mood) are floating in last nights rainwater. The anchor is half way across the boat. My snakehead/salmon net is bent in half. The bow is half a foot wider than before. The trailer looks fine.

I back up my car from the shoulder and onto the sidewalk. You'd think someone would have called me earlier (my phone number is in big black numbers on the side) to tell me my boat was where it was. I drive the boat back down the road to an open spot on the shoulder.

We then proceed to drive to the police station up the street. There I get an officer's number and name and a case number. All they can tell me was it was a hit and run and four other cars were damaged.

I don't want to go into the details of the insurance but it doesn't look like my plan is going to get me anything. At first I thought my boat was totaled. It will still float. I can't sit in it and can't put clients in it. It is now wider than it used to be somehow. I'll have to get a welder to re-attach the benches. I'm not sure how to get the dents out. Maybe a rubber mallet? I'll have to get a new rope attachment to be able to drive the trailer-that was broken off the boat and the boat was cockeyed on the trailer. Maybe an autobody shop can bang out the dents and straighten the gunwale??

As for tomorrow's clients, we are going to shore fish. I only have about another month or so of boat season so its not terrible but it is going to effect how I make a living. I'm pretty pissed off that who ever did this won't sack up and admit it.

It is like a good friend was hurt in an accident. I feel so safe and secure and at home when in my boat and taking clients and friends out brings such joy.

I'll keep y'all posted and get some of the pics up soon. 


Sorry to hear about your misfortune. People are shitty.

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