Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wormy Fly Tutorial | Updated Versions & Videos

This fly has been super popular not only with clients, but with friends, fishing with my daughter, and at the TPFR Beer Tie. Devin from Devin's Fishing Reports just got a handful of worms via the TLTFF Carp Week.

As the story goes, last year I was fishing with client Brian who won the first Snakehead Challenge. We ate lunch at the Vienna Inn. We later went to the local Orvis in Tyson's Corner. He spotted Hise's shakey worm and said it was great on carp. I would have never fished a fly made of rubber stuff like that. Then the Itinerant Angler forum had a thread about similar worms.

I searched and searched for the material that would find my needs. I came across the Spirit River product on Ebay and ordered some. It just wasn't what I was looking for. A bit too thin. They didn't have the thick kind at the time. I walked into Michael's Crafts about this time last year and came across Ghost Heads. I liked these due to their tapered ends. The other model I like are spaghetti balls from the Del Ray Variety Store.

It took some trial and error to figure out how to tie the pattern and get it to where I wanted. Here are the tutorials in progression. I'm still not 100% on this pattern. The materials till breaks off and the wire slides down the bend.

  • 6/0 mono thread
  • Size 10 curved shrimp/scud hook
  • 1 ghost purffer head ball
  • Non-toxic wire
This fly has caught smallmouth, largemouth, and striped bass; channel catfish, longear sunfish, bluegill, redear sunfish, common carp, white perch, red-eye rock bass, brook trout, and rainbow trout. It was my go-to fly for the Project Healing Waters 2-Fly Tournament this year. My vet landed a 15" rainbow trout on his first cast with this fly.

1st Version

2nd Version

Current Version:

Here is the latest version. It includes wire on the hook shank. Not only does the wire allow the fly to sink, it allows the rubber material to be wrapped into the grooves of the wire via the mono thread. This allows the fly to stay in one place.

And due to this rescuetech304

I've created a shorter version, (not bad for having the flu for two days):


I do prefer the longer version! rescuetech304 can go watch his FREE info somewhere else! Haters gonna hate I guess. >shrugs<

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