Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Report

The cooler night temps chilled the water down quite a bit. The Potomac tributaries were nice and comfortable over the weekend. We started out at Pohick Bay and went up Accotink Creek. The water was super clear and the tide was high at the start. We mixed it up with sliders and droppers, clawdads and worms, and a few other curly tails and reapers.

I guided a husband and wife team. Pictures will show who had the bigger fish:

Yellow Perch. It was a big one, biggest one so far by any client.

 Largemouth Bass. We were expecting something much bigger from the fight.
 This one took a clawdad by some overhanging brush. It crushed the fly.
 This Long Ear Sunfish took the foam slider (scorpion bug)
 Lots of vegetation along Accotink Creek. Its hard to remember you are in the heart of metropolis. The egret rookery is just about 100 yards away.
 Spatterdock. Snakeheads love it. They didn't show us any love.
A big rainstorm blew in and the rain was cold. I got the clients to shore and off before the downpour started. I had about an inch of rain in the driftboat by the time I got it home.

And I can't forget the lunch. Hot toscano, hot salami, finociona salami, provolone, tarragon mustard, and artichoke tapenade on bagguete with a side of cornichon and lemon ice tea. We totally forgot to get into the bag of red Swedish fish and bags of kettle chips. We had lunch in the shade along the shore. 


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