Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gear Review | VestPac | @Vestpac

Finally I get a chance to sit down and do some proper blogging. This product is something every angler should wear when land fishing. Its the VestPac @vestpac. Ok, I got my hands on this product at the start of summer and didn't get a chance to wear it. Why you ask? Well, most times I'm wearing one of the following:

  1. A pixie in a backpack
  2. A PFD
  3. A heavy and fully loaded sling pack 
I don't often get to fish for fun but the few chances I've had this summer I've taken this out and really enjoyed it. The product is well thought out and made by someone who fishes. 

 Image taken from Sam at (someone you should follow on social media)

This product is a hydration system worn on your back with the features of a fly fishing chest pack.
Lets break it down.

1. The hydration system holds enough water for about 2-3 hours for me. Its humid here and thankfully this summer hasn't seen any 100+ digits. I prefer to either freeze the bladder or fill it with ice water so it keeps my back cool and then I can ingest cold water.

2. There is room in the back bladder compartment for me to carry an extra fly box and 8lb or 12lb Berkley Vanish spool.

3. There are built in retractors. I keep my hemostat and line nippers on there. No need for me to wear my half lanyard.

4. There are modular fly boxes and patches included. I can have a fly box that opens with one hand on the inside AND have either a foam fly patch OR pseudo wool patch.

5. It fits snug and I don't really notice its on there.

6. I can connect my fish grip and weigh tool to the side strap.

7. I can take it on and off with one hand. The clips are super easy to use.

8. The company has social media where you can talk about the product and see who is using it. Twitter @vestpac | Instagranm | and Facebook and you'll notice the people pictured on these sites are no arm chair outdoorsy people. They are dirty, wet, and salty. The product can take a beating. Like I said, it is well thought out and designed.

9. You can purchase your VestPac directly through ProGuideDirect and I will receive comission. If you go through my site on there specifically.

10. It doesn't get hot. Air moves through it and the ice water helps.

If you buy one of these you will realize it sells itself.

I will admit that there is not enough storage for me to take this out on a guide trip. Even one when I'm not going to need a lot, I still carry too much stuff with me. One other thing I'd like is to see it in a digi-camo or more muted color. The bright blue is a selling point as people notice it.

I always wear my PFD on the water but sometimes I need to wear my VestPac while casting. Always be safe out there. And stay hydrated. Get a VestPac and be happy.


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