Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Recent Tidal Basin Excursions | 6.4.2013

Just got back from my 3rd trip to the Tidal Basin in the past 7 days. Its been a slow week with a light client load (thus not a lot of blog posts recently) so I was able to get out once with the kid, once solo, and today with some friends.

Last week with the kid was fun. Loads of bluegill as the tide was in and the fish were up on the wall and under the overhanging trees. I had a limited amount of time to fish with her as it was her birthday and we had to get her to a cupcake at 5pm.

We missed a nice bass by the MLK memorial. We walked over to the Kutz Bridge pond. Under one tree was a small snakehead, about a dozen carp, and a goldfish.

None of the fish were interested. It was truly frustrating. Especially when the kid who is getting potty trained is shouting 'poop poop poop' when I'm trying to be all sneaky quiet.

Then  POTUS flew over.This wasn't POTUS, this was a chopper doing circles around the basin. It was not normal to see this.

The next outing was this past Sunday. It was an overcast day. The one before was bluebird skies and I could see in the water. Not this day. It was choppy water and wind. No visibility. I could barely see my curly tail fly a few inches down.

Fishing was slow. I moved clockwise around the basin as usual from the FDR. I missed maybe two nice fish but couldn't ID them as the water was off color. Both were just off the wall. I made it over to the Kutz pond and I got massive tug from a fish. It was a nice largemouth. I pulled it up over the wall and was quite pleased.

A family walked by and I asked them for a picture. Turns out they were tourists from China. The dad wanted a picture with me after my solo picture. So for the bit I had the son take a picture of me with the dad too. Then the dad offered me Chinese cigarettes. I declined. The bass was really nice. Though when I have snakehead on the mind this is just bycatch.
 Here is the pic the son took of me and the bass.
 The storm was making its way over. The wind picked up and the rain started. I was having too much fun to do my normal anal retentive obsession with Doppler radar. I did not check it once while fishing. I managed to get over to the Ohio Drive bridge. One big snakehead came up for air so I set up camp and worked the bridge. I managed a nice largie that tailwalked a couple of times and leaped out of the water for the tourists.
Today I had some free time again. I met up with Mike and Khalil. The tide was out. The most out I've ever seen. The shoreline was exposed along the wall in some parts.

The structure along the wall was visible so I made a mental note of exposed trees, pipes, water outflows, and chunks of concrete. We even noticed coins littering the rocks below and along the Jefferson Memorial sea wall.
 Here is a big goldfish.
 I'm gonna say the fishing sucked due to the lack of water and the fish just not being there. I spotted a few mudding carp. One small snakehead, and a dozen bluegillhere and there.

POTUS flew over us on his way to Bethesda to meet up with wounded soldiers.
 Khalil peeled off just about the time Mike and I finished. We found a few gar in mating pairs but none were interested (they were getting it on and feeding was not on the list of foreplay) I found a full can of beer, making it the second of the year. This one went in Mike's new Patagonia hip bag bottle holder.

I called it at 4:30 as I had to deal with traffic on I395. Can't remember the last time I got skunked. It was a learning experience being there on a blue bird day with a super low tide. And I was able to test out my VestPac which I'll be reviewing soon.


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