Thursday, May 9, 2013

Recent Client Pics | Potomac & Rappahannock

Spent Saturday at Chain Bridge. Loads of river herring in the water. Fishing was slower than I wanted. Arnold caught some shad, perch, and a baby snapping turtle.

We bumped into Khalil. He had a good morning. It was full of walleye, herring, shad, and stripers.

Sunday found us down in FredVegas. Peter got into bluegill and shad.
 My new fish eye lens for my Iphone. The biggest fish of the day was this American shad.
 Here is another shad.
 Not Ted Turner caught this herring. The fishing was slower as the day went on to my frustration. Everyone worked on their casting skills and had loads of fun.
 After 12 hours on the water I needed food.

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