Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fly Fishing Constitution Gardens Lake | Ultimate Urban Fly Fishing

If you don't know where this is, you might remember a dude driving his tractor into the water a few years ago. And might I add that the wife and I were at an open bar at Charlie Palmer's that night and traffic was just awful getting to the bar!

So the Potomac is rather flooded today and I wanted to sight cast to some carp. I looked up this article from back in the day and decided to fish the gardens as I was going by Orvis just a few miles away to pick up some repaired rods. The National Park Service also says its good for fishing.

I had the kid with me today. We parked two blocks from the White House. I threw the kid in the back pack and strung up an 8 wt rod. I tied on a typical local leader of 20-12-8lb leader. The fly of choice was a pink goomie worm left over from the Project Healing Waters 2-Fly tournament.

The water was rather green and the clouds overhead didn't help. I was looking for carp. I spotted a nice largemouth bass in the water-nothing was more than a foot deep. I tossed in the worm and stripped it in. The bass inhaled the fly and we landed a beauty. I had some German tourists take our picture.

 One after another we sight cast to single bass. I had to wait for the clouds to clear to sight fish. We found the fish had no fear of us. They would scoot off the wall when we walked by and then stop about six feet away. One cast and a twitch and they ate the worm!
 We sight cast to and landed five bass in a row. This was awesome. We then lost one bass at our feet.  That was six.

Bass seven was along the little bridge. I dropped the fish back in and my kids milk bottle. I don't think I made a cast more than 20'.
 We lost two more fish. And this is some of the best bass fishing ever. And its three blocks from the White House! The final fish we saw tore the fly to pieces. It ripped off one of the tips. We landed the fish. My thumb was all tore up. Free parking was about to turn to change to getting ticketed.
We picked up the pace and ended on a high note. Seven bass landed in 30 minutes. Not bad. Not bad.

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