Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Potomac Shad Update | Day Off To Fish For Fun

Ah it was a busy weekend. There were ups and downs.

Producer Jason came down for a day of shad fishing. We had a big rain storm the day before so we exptected some muddy water.

We got out to Chain Bridge around 9am on Saturday. We could see a helicopter circling the area as we drove down Chain Bridge Road. I said 'someone is probably in the water.'

We geared up and headed down the trail and across the bridge. The helicopter was just above the bridge, something was not normal. We crossed the bridge and asked a group of ladies if they knew anything They said they lived up the street and the chopper was out all night. We crossed the bridge and spotted several US Park Police officers searching the shoreline.

 We walked up the platform as a US Park Police car went down. We asked if anything was wrong and he made eye contact and kept going. There was another car down there, a lot of people standing around (one with a megaphone), a plain clothes officer and a cop with a German Sheppard. The helicopter peeled off and didn't return.
 Cops, family members, and a dog.

 I spoke with the plain clothes officer asking what happened. This was around 11am. He said two anglers were out the day before. They separated. One went upstream the other down. The upstream angler came down to see how the other one was doing. There was no sign of him. Just his fishing tackle and gear on the shore. By now the search was called off. It was tough watching at least four generations of the family standing around as the cop was about to tell them the search was called off.


This is the third drowning in the river this year. One was a Chicago tourist, the other a local. 
 I was fishing a tandem rig. Shad jig with a damsel dropper. It wasn't long until I hooked up. It was a big fish. I could tell as it bulldogged along the bottom. It came up to jump and Jason shouted "smallie" and indeed it was. He came over with the net and we landed a fish. First time since we landed a fish since last summer.
 As soon as I got my line back in the water Jason hooked up. He had a monster smallie and in the backdrop of the Embassy of Qatar.
 I foul hooked something big.
 And Jason gets a nice Amercian shad. Then the bite turned off. We moved down to the Va side.
 Oh and I forgot to mention Jason hooked into something big. It got in the current and took  him into his backing.

 And if you don't believe me, here is video:

 Downstream we spotted the first snakeheads of the year. Here are two HUGE fish just at our feet. The dark black fish between the rocks. They had no interest in any fly we threw.
 I then got a nice catfish.

 Here is the collection of big fish. We didn't catch a lot of fish but each fish we did catch was big.
I showed Jason Fletcher's Cove and we headed down to Gravelly Point. It was super windy and colder there. No bite was happening. I broke my rod on a snag and called it around 4pm. Jason called it soon after. We headed back to my place for some cold VB. You'll hear the VB story soon.


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