Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shad Run | Recent Client Pics

There may be a direct correlation between air temperatures, water levels/clarity/temperature here. Lets discuss:

 Thursday had air temps about 88f with no wind where we fished. Visibility was 10+ feet. Water temps were in the upper 60s. Water level 4.5'

Leon worked the crappie. The biggest I have ever seen. They took the shad jig. Absolute slabs. And of course, the images never do justice. Some white perch nipped at his flies but didn't take. The water was super clear. I was up above on a rock and could see ALL the action from up there.

The shad were coming up from the depths to put a smack down on the flies. Their flashing sides were consistent all afternoon. We were working on setting the hook on these aggressive fish with soft mouths. We lost loads. We landed this beauty. Most appeared to be hickory shad.

Sunday water temps were down, air temps were cooler. Friday's rain up in the mountains arrived. The water jumped to 5'. Temps were in the low 60s with minimal visibility. Everyone caught fish. We didn't see the aggressive (who else remembers how to spell this word from highschool cheerleaders? ) fish.
 Bill was the first client of the year to get a shad grand slam (hickory, American, gizzard)
 This fish was unfortunate. I was showing Mike how to roll cast in the tight quarters with a sinking line. I swept the line up and would you believe it a big buck American shad slammed the fly. And it was one of Mike's flies! I forgot just how fierce these fish fight.
 Then the vultures showed up. Our biggest fear was getting shat on by these nasty scavengers. However they did not crap on us, they were knocking branches down left and right. Some of them huge branches that almost took out a bunch of kids.
 "My last cast of the night" was all Mike had to say. How often does one actually stick to their last cast? Well Mike caught a nice buck Amercian shad on his last cast. We called it after that.
 Monday brought HUGE snakehead jumping out of the water. They were leaping a few feet out of the air, enough that when vertical, their tails cleared the water by several inches!!! Some of them jumped laterally and tail walked up to 15'
 Water was at its crest at 5'. The temp was up to the 60s but the visibility was down. We only managed one gizzard shad.


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