Friday, April 26, 2013

Removing A Barbed Hook...Again

I've had clients and friends hook themselves and others before. None of them have really embedded a hook in me.

I however have embedded hooks in my flesh. The first time I was embedded with a barbed hook was a the Jersey Shore back in 2001. It was a Clouser Deep Minnow, size 1/0 Mustad saltwater hook. It went into my left arm behind my watch.

I spent several hours in the ER waiting to have it removed. I was shot full of lidocaine and they ripped out the hook the way it went in. They used Home Depot pliers.

The second time was in Colorado in 2009. I was fishing the Snake River where it dumps into Dillon Reservoir. I put a size 4x long size 4 streamer hook through my arm. I put some duct tape on it and kept fishing. Then I drove to the ER and they popped it out. Much easier this time. Take a look:

This week I was tying with one of my fishing buddies, Rebecca. I was trying to crank through a dozen of my curly tail flies for snakeheads. I tied one with the dumbell eyes too close to the hook eye. I held the fly in my left hand and pushed the eyes back with the right. Somehow my hand slipped and I shoved that 1/0 Orvis bass hook through my index finger.

The adrenaline kicked in so I didn't feel much. We called some friends in the medcial field and got their advice. We also tried the trick above.

The 'mono method' didn't work for me this time. We then iced down my hand in ice water and tried to push it through. That didn't work either.

After trying the mono method again I called it and picked up my recent tip money (copay) and drove to the ER.

I got some tape in the waiting room to hold down the fly. It was moving too much. It wasn't a good feeling.

I asked if I could film how they removed it as they said they would push it through. That is now three different methods from three different hospitals.

As the ER was booked the doc took the hook out in waiting room inside the ER. The worst part was her sticking me with a needle to find the nerves in my finger to numb them.

It was the same kind of tingle as when doing this:

She then pushed the hook through.

I wasn't watching. I knew it was through when I heard her cut the barbed point off. I then looked down to see she had taken the hook out the other end. I had to sneaky style take these pics.

My finger was dripping blood. A lot of blood. Which made me glad I didn't do this at home.

She then bandaged up my finger and I was on my way, minus $100 cash.

 It doesn't really hurt that much. Here is the finger as of today. You can see the entrance wound closer to the nail, the big hole. The exit hole is to the left and is smaller.

I'm pissed the doc threw out the fly. I would have gutted it for parts - the eyes and tail!

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