Friday, February 1, 2013

Inside The Fly Fishing Show | Somerset 2013

Didn't make it to the show this year? Never been? Here is some of what you missed:

Please Give Me Some Rating Stars *****

FishingPoet's Blog on the weekend

Project Healing Waters booth
 Ira, Dan, Lefty, David, Stu
 Lefty and this guy
 Mollie's purple rod and line
 Sophie's Bistro
 Tight Lines Fly Fishing bulk skeins of estaz :drool
I spent most of my money at their booth. The $1+ bins had loads of great materials
 David presents Dan with an award!
 Fishing Banjo
 Harrison Steeve's flies. Talked to him, should have had the  mic
 His book can be found here

 Steve's flies with UV light
Chris from Tenkara Bum
 Where is Mike?
 There is Mike Heck of Falling Springs 

 Where is Mike Schmidt
 Mike Schmidt of Anglers Choice Flies and his shanks
 Mike's Flies (not the Columbus Gold)
 The Davala Clan
 This guy
 Steven Vorkapich
 Float Master Products (I'm going to pick up a bunch at the Va show)

 Cortland backing braider
 Artie Loomis from Cortland Line Co
 Eric Lund from Ensagami Lodge
 Eric's MONSTER flies
 Tiny Elvis would say that fly is "huge"
 Cocoa Angelotti with roasted butternut squash
 Tiramisu + Canoli
 Just tiramisu
 All gone
 David Folkerts and his pint glass mustache
 Sunday's exhibitors
 Food I shouldn't be eating. The custard stained my pants
 PHWFF's Tom shows off his unique bamboo rod handle. Richard in the background
 Not the guy from Up. Or is he?
 Vince Wilcox of Wiley's Flies

 Kens's Custom Flies - Ken Walrath
 Ant bodies

 Micah Dammeyer from Knee Deep Fly Fishing
 Sage Rods
 Jeff Clyma from Clutch Fly Rods (Tactical Fly Rods)

Ted Upton of  Cheeky Reels (thanks for the hat)
Millie  of Trout  Hunter

Senyo's fly box (pretty colors)

Simon from Rio Products (thanks for the hat)

 Greg Senyo of Steelhead Alley Outfitters (SAO) and with Regal Vise and of course Chagrin River Outfitters

Sunrise on the way home
Someone likes the hat from Rio

Spud Nuts


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