Friday, February 8, 2013

Bed Bath & Beyond DIY Fly Fishing Gear | Thats Crazy

I'm always looking for a safe and organized manner to store my fly rod tubes at home. I have a bunch of rods as I'm a guide. I built a box and drilled holes in it but that took up space. I've stored them in the guest room shower (wife didn't approve). I have put them under the bed (wife didn't approve). Most recently I used a tall cardboard box. The box would topple over. Meh. We live in a small condo so space and organization are very important.

I was doing some closet and storage unit cleaning over the summer and came across a load of storage bags for those tailgate chairs we have.

We've had a lot of drunken fun at DC United Tailgates and a lot of the chairs have been broken and trashed. Yet we always kept the bags. I had the idea to use the bags to store my multi-piece rods. And you know what, it works.  You know, the cheap chairs you get at Dicks, K-Mart, & Bed Bath & Beyond. They collapse and go into these bags.
The bags have a handle or shoulder strap. They even come with a cinch thing on the side.

You know about cinching. Don't pretend:

Here is the bag with several varieties of rod tubes

A few years ago I was trying to figure out a safe and clean way to store my reels. I gots a lot of reels and spools. We used to get free reels and spools from the shop during inventory. I got that DXR Tarpon reel from Orvis. Its spooled with 10wt line. I'll probably never use it but its neat to have.

Anyway, I was pondering what to use and I came up with one of those over-the-door shoe holders. Off it was to Bed Bath & Beyond to get one. Of course I brought my 20% off coupon (don't forget, you can use those at Babies R Us).

Got some more budget friendly DIY ideas? Yea, I know you steal those milk crates from behind the store. What else you got?


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