Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012 Ohio Steelhead Alley | Roast Beef Buz

Not to much to report from my Xmas-New Years trip to Ohio. First steelhead trip of the year was ruined by a hurricane. This time I had a blizzard to deal with.

"100% of the fish are in 10% of the water"

Here is the road through Maryland. I love the big gap in the rocks. Always enjoy looking at the rock stratification.

 A plow. Maybe bad weather is ahead? I did see a big storm on radar.
 Fo sure. I quickly realize my wife's car is not meant for inclement weather.
 Hey look, its the site of the re-construction of Noah's Ark in Frostburg, Md. As long as I've been on this road I've never seen any progress. I pulled over to clean the windshield from snow and to try and find some RainX wiper fluid.
 Cars facing the wrong direction on the highway.
 Welcome to WVa
 Don't stop in these stores, they are a waste of time, so I've been told ;)
 Another state. I was a good boy and didn't stop at Sheetz for a bucket of friez or a sandwich. This is my normal routine on a fishing trip. Did this screw me?
 Back into WVa and a quick stop at Cabelas. They kicked dr jones out of the store.
 This is what I think of the car in the snow. I had a major swerving incident in the mountains. If I had cars to the left or right of me it would have been bad. Lots of swerving.
 C'bus Ohio weather forecast.
 So I decide to drive in the blizzard. I quickly learn they don't really clean the roads that well in Ohio.
 Getting on the interstate in C'bus. I arrived to the fly shop at 5pm. Not 1:50. It was a suck ass ride. I was white knuckle all the way. It was a good experience though and I love the snow. We don't get much snow in DC anymore. Its January 9 and 60 degrees today.
 On the way to Cleveland. The roads were not plowed at all.
 I had to follow the tracks of trucks to prevent swerving.


 No one behind me, no one in front of me, no one on the other side. For a moment I thought the road was shut down.
 That truck is backwards.

 Chagrin River Outfitters.
 My hotel. First time I've gotten a hotel for an overnight fishing trip. I'm getting soft.
 Hotel burger was good.
 Free cookies !
 Some podcasting and then an early night to sleep.
 Willoughby, Ohio
 First tracks.
 Very scenic.
 NO fish in the morning. I drove up the parking lot to get the best sandwich ever at What About Bob's
 So I basically drove in a blizzard, got a hotel room and froze my toes off for a sandwich. Not bad.
 Chagrin River Road (174) is one of my all time favorite roads.

 This hole was a new find. The guy in front of me at the sandwich shop told me about it.

 There is a flaming pipe in the river.
  Sandwich part 2.
 I drove home after Daniels field. Didn't make it back. For more details, you'll have to listen to the podcast.

Then I got home and the wife was done with my big hair. My brother in law cut it off.

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