Sunday, December 23, 2012

Preparing for Ohio Steelhead Alley

Its that time of year again folks. I'm headed off to Ohio to see the in-laws and do some chrome fishing. As you remember, my in-laws and all their house guests speak Russian. As I do not speak I feel left out, and thus I have started to make a pilgrimage north from C'bus to the Lake Erie tribs for chrome.

You may remember my trip last year. I can't wait to go again. A few sandwiches from What About Bob's will have me drooling the whole drive up. And lets not neglect this drive. The wife and kid are flying there. That leaves me and dr jones to drive. Having the car to ourselves means several things:
  • I don't have to hold in my farts for 7 hours
  • I can listen to my music and podcasts (Mike O'meara Show)
  • I can utilize the front seat for snacks (jerky and soda)
  • I can smoke a cigar if she does not find out
  • Me and dr jones can take a break and stop in Cabelas. 
I've been tying up a storm. I wanted to get into some intruder style patterns after following Mike D. on Facebook and Instagram. His Redspot Fly patterns are beautiful. And from the pictures he posts, successful. As I didn't have the materials to get into those patterns, I went with some articulated popsicles.

 I clearly have tied over a hundred flies on scud hooks recently.
 Here is my new 'no thread egg' fly.
 A pile of fuscia buggers. Materials from Malinda's shop.
 Black buggers. Not something I typically fish.
 And here is the recent box of flies. I've been tying these up since August. I have hundreds of patterns and I still feel like I don't  have enough for a 2 day trip. Not bringing my vise either. Don't forget the other full box this size and a handful of smaller pocket sized boxes.
 Here is a purple articulated popsicle.
 This one has a magnum zonker tail.
 All three of them. I feel these will work as I only have 4-5 tied. Thanks to Martin from Flymen Fish company for the articulated shenks.

I'm pretty sure my  Patagonia waders are leaking. Thus I'm going to try out my new Orvis Pro-guides. I'm wearing them right now. Its rather cush wearing a pair of waders in a drafty house. I've got just a few more hours to find my Orvis Battenkill Large Arbor reel with Rio Outbound. I'm going to start recording a podcast tonight and lets see who we can get while there. Maybe some anglers in the lot, the Orvis store, Mad River Outfitters, and Chagrin River Outfitters.

I have yet to figure out where to stay on Wednesday night. I of course want to camp. But its going to be cold and dumping snow. Mike D. gave me a motel name to try. We'll see.

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