Monday, November 5, 2012

Some Super Creepy Stuff Found While Fly Fishing | Santeria?

Fished the local creek yesterday with a client. We were working on her casting. The ladies will always pick up casting and cast better than the dudes. The client's husband and daughter were along and they fished above and below us. As it was cold, I gave the 6  year old daughter my down vest to wear. She told me I needed to keep the pockets cleaner. There were sticks and leaves in them ??

So we are walking upstream and I notice a bloody white sheet wrapped up and tied on top. There are purple flowers sticking out the side. Rather strange but I always find strange stuff when fishing (we found a super soaker and a dirt devil vacuum the day before).

I had some fear it was a dead baby or something like that (while on our honeymoon in Kauai a woman went into the forest to give birth, killed the baby, and then buried it. There were helicopters and volunteers searching an entire mountainside for them. Thus I had my suspicions).

I get closer and undo the top. What I find inside is pretty creepy. Here is a list (as I like bulleted lists)
  • 3-4 dead chickens with heads cut off
  • 1 guinnea fowl with head cut off
  • a dollar bill
  • several coins
  • yams
  • chocolate cake
  • candles
  • oranges
  • grapefruits
  • flowers

I post the pic on Instagram and Twitter and am told (by the kids that live down here now but are from New York) that it is Santeria. Google it if you don't know.

I finished up with the clients and got the cops down there to check it out. They were a little grossed out too. We dragged it all out and put it in one of my 50gallon trash bags I keep in my car for picking up litter. It was super heavy, probably 50lbs or more.

Its also a small world as the cop's dad is a salmon guide up on Oswego. She told me some lady put a voodoo curse on her last year saying she would burn alive in a fiery car crash (redundant on the voodoo lady's end).

So if you are curious (and no I'm not using the feathers for tying flies as one asked. And I did not keep that money) here are the pics.The cop didn't have her camera so I used my phone to take pics for the police file:


  1. Why would you touch it??

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