Monday, November 19, 2012

Annoying Fishing Spam | Phishing

I'm not talking about using Spam for bait. That stuff works great. Its these once a week e-mails asking me to take out a whole group of people, provide them with room and board, and take them fishing. Its the same e-mail message with a bit of the text mixed up every other week. The person then asks me how much it would be to take my boat offshore for the day.

The other things that change are the dates, the amount of people, and the person sending. Its all a real pain in my caudal fin. 

Here it the most recent:


My name is Mr.Tony Howard and i will like to know if there are availability for 4 persons whom will be coming to spend their vacation trip with your company. They will be spending 7 days and fishing for 3 days.
Actually we need fishing trip with two boats for our vacation holiday.if there is availability,kindly let me know about the quotes and if there are accommodation availabilities as well.

Departure DATE: 17th FEBRUARY. 2013.

We want you to arrange this packages for them.

(1)Lodging(if available)
(2)Fishing guides for 5hrs each day from lakeside but if you have boat we can do the fishing guide with 2 boats running for 5hrs each day(we did go for one boat if you have one big enough for the 4persons).
(3)Total packages.

NB: Mode of payment; CREDIT CARD. (NOTE: That all the charges will be charged from my credit card details e.g bank charge,tax and other expences,)

 Hope this is clear such i await a response from you via a reply email to this email address

Best Regards,
Mr.Tony Howard

Anyone else in the fishing industry getting these? 


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