Thursday, November 1, 2012

2012 Salmon River New York Photos & Podcast | $18 Beer and a Carrot

Here are the images from 3 cameras: the iphone, Nikon DSLR that took a swim in the river, and my Olympus point and shoot. We threw every pattern at them we could think of, we swung flies, we bounced flies off the bottom, we dead drifted. The steelhead had little to no interest. The browns wouldn't play either.

We did not land a single steelhead in our group from Thursday morning to Sunday night. 

Here is the photo journal from the trip. As always, due to Picasa uploading to Blogger, the images are not in order. 

The Fisn n Clips from Grasshoppper Products is AWESOME. They kept my Helios Rod together and safely together while I walked to and from the stream through the woods. 

Fog on the drive up

 The lunch at Jreks. 

 Here is the storm forecast. We knew it was time to start preparing to leave on Sunday.  
 Joe and Rebecca

 Still can't figure out how this works, Jason's rod holder. 
 Sucker meth
 Jason swinging a fly
 Dead salmon from under water
 Same fish from above
 Mm, thats some moldy salmon
 Me and Jason walking down to the lower UFZ
 This is a fly box of the guy who fell in the river up to his, well above his head. 
 Joe monitoring from above
 Rebecca swinging flies
 Lunch at Arbys

 Trent taking a break
 My flies, whats left of them
 Khalil taking a break
 Putting my rod in the rock while I took a leak
 Trent on the ground
 Pondering something
 3 out of the 4 pairs of Costa's in my car
 That is one ugly self portrait. Note the Sitka Gear blends into the trees
 Walking to the river with Joe before the camera went swimming
 The kids getting to know Joe at the Nice n Easy
 Joe's car
 View from my car. Note the Fish n' Clips on my rod
 Trent walking in
 Pointing the GoPro at me
 Rebecca at the fridge hole
 Khalil in some deep water
 Rebecca climbing out
 Dalton and a weiner
 Khalil's tent
 The blasphemous steelhead
 Free boots?
 Egg flies at the shop

 More flies at All Seasons

 Tying material at the shop

 Slow exposures at camp

The fog on the drive out

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