Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What's Up With Tiny Elvis | Hey Man That's Huge

I've taken this line from Tiny Elvis from Saturday Night Live 'Hey Man, Thats Huge'. Thus if you are wondering why I use it on Facebook, Twitter, and the comments section of blogs,  you now know man.

If you post a picture of a tiny fly, I'll say its huge.
If you post a big fish picture, I'll tell you its huge.
If you post a tiny fish picture, I'll tell you its huge.

So  now you know the origin of this random gibberish.

Tiny Elvis by shundriad

I had a picture of Tiny Elvis on my "blackboard" when I was a high school teacher. I had the kids trained to answer with 'Thats Huge Man' if I asked them what Tiny Elvis would say about the Mitochondria, the Electron Transport Chain, or the Sister  Chromatids.


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