Saturday, October 13, 2012

Essential Gear Review | Sitka The Bandit

I'd been looking for a digital camo neck gator for a while. I have a black fleece one somewhere. I'm guessing I left it at the condo in Breckenridge back in March. I wear the Buff for the summer to keep the sun off of me. In the cold I need something else. I searched the interwebs for several days for what I was looking for and put out a request on Facebook. I didn't turn up anything promising.

What does an urban fly fishing geek need with digital camo anyway? Its not like I'm the target audience for digital camo products anyway (though Orvis thinks so as I do have their digi camo shoulder sling). Why not look for one that has graffiti on it or pigeon patterns. Heck, it should be concrete patterned right? Well I happen to like the digital camo.

A few weeks back I stopped off at Bass Pro Shops. I walked around the hunting section and didn't see any digi camo neck covers. I picked up their fall hunting catalog on the way out. I got home and flipped through the pages. 

It didn't take me long to find the Sitka Gear page. I was familiar with the company as they are an option on ProGuideDirect.- click the link, make a purchase, I get commission.  I noticed they had a digital forest camo neck gator. I stopped in Bass Pro a few days later and looked at it. I had to get it. The cost is reasonable and I plan on wearing this article of clothing a lot. Again, not the target audience but it works and I like it and I think you will too!

It has the following features:
  • A simple design that can be used for many things.  Pull it up just over the bridge of your nose as a face mask, leave it loose around your neck to keep the sun off, or pull it up high in the front and back for added warmth
  • A small slit for your mouth makes it possible to still use your calls easily while silver scent inhibiting technology keeps your scent minimized
  • Fabric Details: Polyester bi-component fabric
  • Colors: OPTIFADE™ Open Country concealment, OPTIFADE™ Forest concealment (I prefer Forest --> )
  • Sizes: One size fits most
  • Weight: 1.54 oz.
  • Price: $25.00
Today was the first day I had to try it out. It was 34 when I got out and there was frost on the ground. I met a client out on the river at 0900 and we fished until 11. I took off the gator around 5pm. It was so comfortable I kept it on long after I was off the water. I didn't feel the wind on my neck while fishing or taking dr jones to the dog park. Its super smooth and has a stretch to fit over your mug.

I'm looking forward to wearing the Bandit this winter as I fish for steelhead across the Great Lakes and carp along the Potomac. The nose slit will allow me to breathe with out fogging up my Costas.

I'll have to give a second review when the temps are super cold. Today was pleasant out. I'll put it to the grind in a few weeks off of Lake Ontario.

If you want to pick one up, please go through ProGuideDirect. Mention my name so I can receive commission.

Pro Guide Direct

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