Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Weekend In Upstate New York

We headed up to the Hudson River Valley x Catskills last weekend. If you don't follow me on twitter or Facebook, this is new to you. My wife's co worker 'Decker' was getting hitched at her parents vast property in StoneRidge, Ny. We made the drive up 81 and across to New York and up to the mountains. As an angler, it was difficult to pass the following streams and not fish:

  • Potomac
  • Shenandoah 
  • Falling Springs
  • Big Springs 
  • Yellow Breeches
  • Susquehana
  • Upper Delaware
As we have been to Deckers parent's place before, I knew to bring my fishing gear. They have a pond dug out via backhoes in a field. The water is from springs. They have not put any fish in there but somehow there are bass and bluegill. The theory being that the eggs come in on the ducks and geese.

We dropped off our gear at the hotel in Kingston and made our way to the rehearsal dinner.

We stopped off at farmers markets on the way in.

Loads of pumpkins and great afternoon light.

 This is the view of the pond.  Its deep. There is no grade to it. It just drops off to like 14'.
 This is the Esopus. I didn't fish it. I just walked along it. It was down the street.
 As these are out of order due to Picasa uploading, this is the wife on the roof deck of the building where everyone was staying. Talk about a 'green' roof. THW was a bridesmaid.
 Mushrooms growing on the roof with moss and lichen.
 This is the wife outside the church.
 Some more fungi, if it has a cap like these, its a mushroom. I get all sorts of angry when people call morels mushrooms. They might look like a club fungi but they are not mushrooms. They are cup fungi.
 The outside of the church.
 I took some of the guys fishing. They had smokes and big goblets of wine. It was super windy as a front was blowing through.

 The wind made casting unbearable. We called it.
This is the grocery store in Kingston. They were making FRESH cider donuts with sugar. .50 each. So friggin good. This is the morning after the rehearsal dinner.
 Thats my donut. Guess who I shared it with.

 After the breky at the grocery store, I dropped off the wife at the salon to get her wig busted. Apparently Daniel Craig lives nearby and his wife goes to the same salon. I went straight to the pond to wet a line. 
Fishing was hard. Not much was going on. I was about to bail on the fishing trip when I got this nice bass on a squirmy worm after 20 min.

 I then went on a hunt for Freihofer cookies. Not available here in Virginia. I can bribe my dad with them. My parents were watching the dog and the kid. Some cookies helped.
 I went from the store to the Esopus. Saw some bluegill and a bass.
 A leaf footed bug on the wall of the B&B. Loads of stink bugs and lady bugs were all around trying to find a warm spot to stay the winter. I sat outside and ate some chili and chicken stew from the farmers market while the ladies dressed. I put on my tux after they drove to the church.
 Tallest pastor ever.
 THW outside the church.
 I had to ride on the back of a mule 4x4 to the apple cooler building. We had to move about 20 cases of booze from the cooler to the tent. Thats the horse barn behind me.


 I then took on my mission to catch fish in my tux. This bluegill was all bent.

 Back up to the wedding tent. There were corgis running all over the place.
 The front blew through and made long shadows with the light.
 I got some bass. Got a case of bass thumb. This one tore my thumb up.
 Corgis in the party. I took breaks between fishing and eating.

 The corgis then cleaned the plates.
As the front blew in so did the cold. The temps dropped fast. I had to get out of my penguin suit and into something warmer with layers. I had a cigar and we went down to fish the fading light. Note to the ladies (and men), don't plan a reception next to a bass pond. You won't see the dudes.
 This guy had never fly fished before this night. He got this nice bass in the corner of the pond on top!
 Then bluegill on the squirmy.
 The dad of the bride bought about $3k of fireworks. They blew them up. It was awesome. The stars up there were awesome too.

Early the next morning we drove back home. It was super cold. We stopped at farmers markets to get vittles. This one had an oatmeal bar. We loaded up on baked goods, fresh cider, honey, jams, and more. Wish we had more markets like this around here. There is only one working farm in all of Fairfax County!

Next road trip - Steelhead.


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