Friday, September 7, 2012

Recent Eats | Best Dinner Ever

Haven't posted in a while. I've been digesting. THW and I had to make a run up to Charm City with the little pixie and then we had a night out in DC. Here are some places you need to try:

Chaps Pit Beef
Chic and Ruths
Austin Grill

Chaps is basically a carnivore's dream. I wasn't sure of what to eat so I inquired with chef Chad Wells of Alewife. He suggested the Rave (Beef, Turkey, Corned Beef). I had a side of tiger sauce and home made hickory bbq sauce. Side of beans which THW ate before I could have any. Some mac salad and some fries.

 Everything was so great, I came back the next week when I had to return to Charm City. I had the same sandwich. This time I ate outside.
 Here are all of the sauces laid out.
 We had an invite to "Prayers" on Friday a week or so ago. We got a baby sitter. Prayers is thank goodness its Friday. It is a happy  hour at the Aussie embassy in DC.

I drank all the beer and rum that I didn't consume while down under. Such nice people there.

Then it was off to Estadio. Spanish tapas. The format is small bites with classic soccer games on (world cup 1984 was playing then some black and white match from the 60's)

I learned long ago to inquire whats good. The ladies at the front desk told us about some of their favorites. We asked the wait staff in the back as we sat at the bar waiting for a seat. Then we asked our wait staff. 

I started off with the BLT. If there is one thing I would eat before going to the electric chair, this would be it. I would have to say this was the BEST thing I have ever eaten. The bread was perfect and chewy, the bacon had the most intense bacon flavor and crispiness. The lettuce chilled and crispy. The tomato, like no other tomato I have eaten before. 
^   The best thing ever. 

 Then a round of patatas bravas. Crispy, flavorful, saucy.  Better than any we had in Barcelona.
 On to the heriloom tomato with whipped goat cheese on bread. I'm not a tomato person. I don't eat them because they never seem good enough. Always out of season, white, and mealy. The first time I ever enjoyed a tomato raw was on a baguette while walking the streets of Paris.

Tonight everything changed. These were like no other tomato I had ever had. The flavor burst, texture, color. It all added up to something magical. THW was amazed I was eating it like there was no tomorrow.

We ordered some sort of skewered thing that had a fish on it. I had everything but the fish. It was good and memorable but I can't remember now.

The mussels with the sauce were top notch. I soaked up all that goodness with crusty, crusty bread.

 The drinks were expensive. Good thing I was warmed up prior to getting there. This one was $11
On Sunday we drove out to Annappolis. We had seen this place on the food shows too. It was recently on an old WETA/PBS breakfast show. I had a hankerin. We waited outside in the rain and watched people drink a SIX pound milkshake through the window. My bowels gurgled just watching that. We got our booth and ordered. I got meh fries and some spot on corned beef. THW got crab cakes over eggs Benedict.

The great thing about this places was the portions were normal. It was quality over quantity. If you want the quantity, do the food challenges. We walked off the food and drove home.

My cousins were in town last Friday. I took them to Old Towne Alexandria. We ate at Austin Grill. One of my favorites. Though I guess I had not been there in a while. I ordered a chimichanga and was told it was off the menu but they made one for me anyway! The little pixie dipped chips in salsa and fed them to me. At 15 months old she is learning. If only she could deliver and open a bottle of beer!

Fishing has been great too, don't get me wrong. Its going to be a long day tomorrow so expect lots of pics. 


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