Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Media's Portrayal of Fly Fishermen | Stereotypical

I always get a chuckle when I see fly fishing in a TV show, allergy medicine commercial, print ad, etc. I'm now sure who prepares the actors' wardrobes as they are always the same. Moldy Chum usually mocks these in their bits about stock photos of fly fisherman.

The following things will be constants in the media's portrayal of (fly) fisherman:

  1. A khaki bucket hat
  2. Flies or lures in the bucket hat. Flies even if the person is spin fishing
  3. A vest, usually ordained with all sorts of old flies or lures. The vest is either new in box or looks like it was beaten over rocks by a group of adolescent boys high on smarties
  4. Poor casting technique
  5. Poor rod grip
  6. Lack of sunglasses or really big sunglasses
  7. A net either on their hip or back
  8. Rubber hip waders
  9. Full chest waders on a person not in the water

I saw this most recent commercial during an open bar happy hour at a local hotel. I was elbow deep in a pile of sliders and a chalice of rum and coke. I looked up and saw this commercial. I had to Google the commercial and make a mental note for this blog post. I first came upon the following blog. Check out the Unacomplished Angler's take on one of this commercial and since its easier to borrow an image than upload, I'll borrow one of his here to start with:

Note the bucket hat, the khaki vest, the rods that look awkward in their grip.

 This is from some Aussie airplane catalog. I'm not sure what that reel is but who's looking at that reel anyway.

 This is from 'Honey I Shrank The Kids' The neighbor dad was upset he couldn't go fishing as his kids had been shrunk and he could not find them. Note the beat up vest with flies, jigs, and lures on it. You might recognize his mug as Max Hedrom.

This is from some recent commercial. This is some legit angler doing a grip and grin.

This lady  has a two hander and a creel. Something I don't see that often on a commercial. She's got a fish by the gills so I hope its dinner. Note, bucket hat and a vest. 


Watch the commercial here

Then there is the scene from 'Something About Mary' its just funny. Love that movie!
 Remember to de-barb your hooks kids.

This kid is tying some flies in the background. Its a Scooter Store commercial. Note the vest in the background. BTW, the vest has gone the way of the Dodo. Who wears these anymore? The people that make commercials know they are stereotypical of anglers so they must always include them or something. 

 On 'Boy Meets World' they were watching fly fishing on tv at night. We all know those shows only come on at the butt crack of dawn or at lunch time on Monday.

I cringed at the ending of 'Old School' when Jermey Piven is casting a junker rod with a foam grip. His casting was atrocious. Note the khaki vest.
 Hey look, he has some floatant on his vest.
 More from 'Boy Meets World' when Cory is called 'Walt' when he goes out to Jackson Hole to fish with Feenie's retirement buddies. Oh the bucket hats, the khaki vests, the lawn chairs, and the flies and lures on the vests. Its like there is one closet of wardrobage for fly fishing in all of Hollywood.
 At lunch I like to have a big Dagwood sandwich and a cold bottle of Mexican coke. I watch some tv. One day I turned on '8 Simple Rules' and noted grandpa ice fishing. He might kick your butt across state lines, but James Gardner is wearing a khaki buket hat and a new looking khaki vest. AT LEAST he has the drinking down.
last of the screen shots (cripes I've been collecting these for months to eventually get this blog done) is from the movie 'Up". The kid in the movie is based on my bro in laws boss. Anyway, here they are fly fishing. Nothing abnormal about this, but note the old man's hat!
I know you have seen some of these mis-representations of our lifestyle on the web, TV, movies, etc. Please share them with me in the comment section. There are more that I have seen and not taken pictures of. I'll update when I get em.

And never forget, Oprah went fly fishing.


I wear the vest my Dad handed down to me. I think he bought it in the 70's. Too cheap to upgrade. Can I wear it ironically? Like some kind of fishing hipster?

David, I still have my three vests in the closet. The problem is you end up packing them with more and more stuff and you end up wearing a 40lb piece of clothing. Keep the bare essentials in it like the squirmy wormies and you'll be good to go. Thanks for commenting!

I like your thinking, but have two gripes-
1. Easy on the whole, "foam grip = junk rod" thing.
It's the only kind I have. Well, that's not entirely true... I did graduate to a cork grip this season (but I have less than 50$ in it).
2. I like my vest and bucket hats. true, a walking L.L.Bean catalog is how your supposed to look right! We just did a fly fishing Lanyard for a professional Guide he wanted the color "Decay" from the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE SERIES colors! I posted on a local social media and people love it and some who I thought would never give a like on it! and its starting a new series we are doing for that color request! Neon Green and Black! Good read Rob you have some funny stuff here my friend! I personally don't care what you wear, or if you spin fish or fly fish just leave the place cleaner or the same as it was when you were fishing there.
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