Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gear Review | Monomaster

There are only a few items every fly angler should have with them at all times. We all have nippers and hemostats, a fishing license, flies, and spools of tippet. One thing  you should have is the monoMASTER.

Every fly you tie on, every leader section you create will produce mono or flouro waste.

I used to put all of those bits and ends in my vest or pocket and empty at a later date.

There are anglers out there that cut and discard the material into the waterway in which they are fishing. I'll admit I have been guilty of that in the past. Now I have no excuse.  Ian has a product that solves this issue.

The monomaster is a lightweight product that you can attach to your vest, chest pack, or lanyard. Simply insert one end of mono or flouro into the slot and twist the handle. The velcro nubs on the inside will catch the line and pull it in. When the device is full you simply pop off the lid and pull off the line and toss it in a waste container.

One thing  you will quickly learn is how many pieces you saved that may have otherwise ended up in the water, your pockets (your lint trap in the dryer) and in your vest.

You should also be cleaning up after those who discard mono where we fish. In 1994 I found a dead bird along a river in Colorado that had become tangled up in discarded mono. That bird was killed by human negligence.  Discarded mono is a byproduct of fishing and its 100% preventable! Not to mention this stuff will sit around in our waterways for centuries.

Every major retailer of fly fishing equipment sells this device. If you don't have one, you need to pick up today.

I need a monomaster the size of an oil drum for the mono I clean up around here. It sucks that I carry a hunting knife on my waders belt to cut discarded mono.  The FFF is helping spread the word about cleaning up after discarded mono.

Clean up big clumps and put them in trash cans or mono recycling containers where available.

On a side note, I picked mine up last year from FishItch during their 12 days of itchmass. Lets hope they do it again this winter.

As a guide I go through a lot of leaders and flies. I rely and depend on this tool to make my job easier and to keep the environment clean.

In addition to the the monomaster, Grassshopper Outoors has some new products out there. I'm eager to try the seatmaster. This device will attach to my wading staph and allow me to shift my body weight onto the staph and not on my legs. Thus my fishing fatigue will be reduced.

The FishnClips will allow me to manage all my client's rods when broken down as we walk to and from the water.

These products are not in all the major retailers yet as the monomaster is. Be sure to ask about them at Bass Pro Shops next time you stop in.

Comment section: Do you have a monomaster? If so, share your experience with it. If not, you need to get one. Tell them I sent  you.


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