Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cooler Temps = Cooler Water = Stripers

The temps are dropping quickly. I'm wearing Carharts right now instead of shorts. It was in the 50's this morning at the farmers market.

With the cooler temps, the water will hold more oxygen. More oxygen = more active fish.

The fish will also be less stressed. Of course right now everyone has a solid cork grip for redfish now that they have been spotted in our local waters (I'm going out after lunch to look for them).

 Why stripers? First off they are beautiful fish. Silvery to white with black stripes and that well defined eye. They fight strong and can be found in our local, urban fishery.

 This was coughed up by the above striper.
But the real focus right now is on the stripers. Cool water is going to turn off the snakeheads  in a few weeks so my focus is on their striped friends. The stripers need to bulk up for the winter. The cool water will get them more active and get more stripers in our local waters. They are here to gorge on the local baitfish (baby bluegill, minnows, and shad fry) to add fat for the winter. Of course the shad fry are full of fatty oils so they will always be a favorite item.

Where to find the stripers: Moving water. Look for tidal creeks, man made structures where water is forced into or out of a basin and marinas and in open water. Cast to areas where the bass will herd bait.
What to throw: Clouser minnows in the 4" and 1" size. Popsicle flies, gurgle bugs, Deceivers.
Rods: Switch to 'spey' will get you across the water where you can't wade across. A 5wt to 8wt is perfect.
Line: Skagit short for your two-handers, floating bass taper for single handed. Sink tips are great and get your fly deeper.
When: Low light- dusk and dawn. Low pressure systems (rain)
Temps: Check for cooler water on this chart

Don't be surprised if you hook into some huge crappie, largies, and smallies. White perch will also be in the mix. Look out for needlefish. Wear protective eye wear if you fish in the dark. If you see some redfish (puppy drum) let me know. I've only seen one in the wild and would love to have a shot at them locally.


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