Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brooklyn Pics | Samantha & Jen's Wedding

The wife and I headed up to Brooklyn last weekend. We were in town for a ladies wedding. Sam(antha) and Jen. We stayed at my cousins place up near some park. My plan was to eat my way through the neighborhood with my free time. I wanted to indulge in the following:
  • pastrami
  • cornfeef (funny typo so I'm keeping it)
  • canolis
  • pizza by the slice
  • bagels
  • pizza by the slice 
  • and pizza by the slice.

Turns out with everyone's busy schedules, planning around the kids naps, and cooking out back of cousin Nate's place, there was not much time to explore and eat. 

I didn't bring my fishing gear with me. Though I found out there is an urban fishery in the park just a few blocks away. I had planned on going over there too and scoping that out. Never happened. 

Here are the mobile uploads.
Of course, these are not in order. 
We got lunch at Zitos. 
Pastrami sandwich. 

 Fried ravioli.

 Then we took a stroll along 7th ave. I stopped into a booze shop to see if they carried Xante. They didn't, but a French dude asked me if I wanted to sample some wine. French wine. I said sure. And we got warmed up for the evening.
 This is out on the patio at dinner. Marinated and rubbed skirt steak, grilled asparagus, grilled yams. Sailor Jerry & coke, red wine.
 This is the gift basket we got Nate.
 As were were eating Nate shouts 'huge cat on the power lines' its no cat, its a raccoon. Look at its eye below lit up.
 Here it is again.
 I managed to get a few slices. Good but not great. The worst NY pizza is still better than the best you can get down here.
Me being a derp in Nate's back yard
 We clean up good?
 The bride and bride. We now pronounce you wife and wife.

 As it was a wedding between two women, the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck showed up.

 The wife under the lights. BTW, a cement dance floor sucks.
 Self portrait. I had a couple of Buffalo Trace and a splash of coke. Rocking the 3 piece suit. One really should not eat and drink as much as I did when wearing a fitted suit. I had no room. I had about an anvil's weight in steak, roasted veg (Brussel sprouts, carrots, onions, peppers, squash) for dinner.
 This is the ice cream truck lady. The deal was you could order WHAT EVER you wanted and AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. I got the 'salty pimp' and then had it covered in sprinkles and salty crushed peanuts. This was after full appetizers and dinner(s)
 My version of the salty pimp.
 Smoke on the dance floor. Too bad the DJ didn't have any Ricki-Lee
 The cone varieties.
 I love old trucks. this one was parked out front.
Fall flowers
 Table seating

Some sort of plates that I never saw used
 The drink of champions of the night. You will want to click on the link and make them. I thought they were virgin drinks but the bartender assured me there was loads of hooch in them. I bring you the Il Sorpasso
 I really liked these rustic tables and chairs.
 Here is my bourbon and a splash of cola. To Bill Brasky
 The brides' shoes. No the other bride. She broke her heels crushing the wine glass.
 Cool light show from the DJ
 The apps were the best. I was that annoying guy who took a pic of all the apps.
 The apps included: 
  • mini pecan waffles with fried chicken chunk
  • mini  mac n cheese squares
  • some sort of tuna, what evs
  • tomato soup shot with herb toast point
  • fig spread and blue cheese on toast point
  • mini sliders with pickle (I ate about a pound of these)
  • some kind of shrimps on a nacho chip, what evs
The calm before the storm
 Jessie, the bride-no the other bride, and the wife
  Here is the Il Sorpasso again in a different cup.
 Each person got an entire Burrata. When I was a cheese monger, we sold each one of these for $16. I also love arugula.
 The line for the truck before the storm. Then the storm started. I have a fear of umbrellas so I stood out in the rain.
 There was this photo booth that printed some pics. This is one of me, yes I have eyebrows, doing my Elvis thing
 Check out the wife's arms. Booya
 Camera dude on Big Gay Ice Cream Truck roof
 That's it. Back to DC for fishing this weekend and some filming. Then off to the Hudson River Valley next weekend for another wedding. I'm going to go fishing in my tux. Stay tuned.

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