Thursday, August 9, 2012

Losing A Fly Box (again)

Its happened to all of us. We've lost a fly box. And if you haven't, you will. Its part of fly fishing. You have also been on the receiving end and found one I'm sure.

Emotion Eric will convey my current feelings: 

I lost a box full of flies around Chain Bridge in 2010. I lost a vest full of fly boxes in 2001. Tom lost a HUGE fly box along the Taylor below the reservoir in Colorado in 2005.

You can write your name on the box in the hopes someone finds it and sends it back to you. I wish more fly boxes came in bright colors so if dropped they could be easily spotted. How come no boxes have a chain on them like the wallet my roommate in college had. Gary, where are you by the way. Gary Allen Willis that is. If he lost gear, he'd blame his uncle.

I have a lot of flies. I've been tying since I was 17 and still have my original ties. I used to go home on my lunch break to tie flies after college. Here is what I have currently (not including whats in my car seats and in my guide bag(s).

This is a baby wipe container full of classic dry flies and random flies from the gear closet floor
 I have a wooden fly bin I use at shows to sell my flies.

Flies I collected from the old Orvis tent sales. What ever I could fit in a plastic fly box (the kind you get streamers in at a fly shop) were $1 so I loaded up
 The boxes I rotate out of my gear bag(s) by the season

I flipped my kayak in 2010 and lost a full box of Clouser flies tied on expensive hooks. They sank to the bottom. No luck in getting that back. The foam ones are great as they float.

These days we have Craigslist and fishing forums to post lost and found when you find one or lose one.

I recently lost one and I'm still looking for it. Here is a picture of the box from last season:

The flies that were in the box (which had my name and number on it) as of last time seen were by the dozen or half dozen EACH:
  • mice
  • bluegill
  • popper
  • slider 
  • crease
  • clouser
  • crayfish
  • hellgrammite
  • bugger
  • foam depot
  • damsel nymph
  • damsel dries
  • cone head muddler
  • stonefly
  • curly tail bunny
  • popsicle 
  • mangrove muddlers
  • floating worms
  • sinking worms 
  • rabbit strip streamers
  • more that I can't think of now
I'm not sure what upsets me more. Knowing someone out there might be fishing my flies, all the hours and funds put into those flies that are now gone, losing my flies.

The last time I saw the big fly box that was recently lost was when Molly and Russell went out on the boat. I was in a hurry to get home to get to a b-day party (see pic of me, Dora, and Diego.) It usually takes me 5 min to put away all gear from drift boat to car. I last remember seeing the fly box on the bow of the boat.

I either left it there and it blew off on the drive home (I have been looking on the shoulders of the roads I drive) or it was put into the car and then either eaten by the ants in my car or digested by the car itself. I have no idea.

The other option is that I brought it in from the car and lost in afterward-as I had just ordered a Cliff boat box and wanted to transfer the flies from above box to new box. I've torn apart the house and its not here. I probably walked the trail from Fletchers to Chain Bridge 3 times looking for that box in 2010.

And there comes the time when you just have to let it go, confirm its gone forever and start tying up new flies.

So tonight I will start to crank out weedless curly tail bunnies, striper popsicles, and all of the other flies mentioned above. I don't know how long it will take to get to the 60 or so patterns from that box, but it will happen.

And until next time, heck I hope there won't be a repeat event, I'll be just as pissed.

And you can guarantee I'll rant about this during my 2012 Lost & Found While Fishing podcast in a few months.

So for now, with out words, I will allow Emotion Eric to express my frustration:

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