Saturday, August 25, 2012

FFC & THW Spotted By Blog Reader In Georgetown Today

The family went a strolling through Georgetown in DC today. I wanted to check out the new ultralight down jacket at Patagonia. Then I wanted to walk along the C&O canal and look for fish.

Sure enough, when I don't have my fly gear there are going to be carp mudding on the bottom.

Lots of bluegill and channel cats too.

Here is the view from the top level of the Patagonia store.

As we crossed one of the bridges I wanted to take a picture of the wife and baby lady. As I was taking a picture a dude walks down the steps to the bridge and says "are you rob snowhite and is this THW?" At first I was a bit confused. Then I noticed he had on Costa Del Mar sunglasses. Was he a recent client that I did not recognize off the water? Turns out he is a reader of the blog. He offered to take a family picture for us. Strangely we are all wearing red. Maybe that's because THW is from the Soviet Union.

It is such a great surprise to me when someone says they read these blogs. I was so grateful.

And here is the loyal reader. I hope he got to enjoy his Chipotle to go before the rains started.

We continued down the canal to the spot where the big fish hang out. Of course none were there last month when I had my gear. Today there were half a dozen carp in the 7-10lb range, several channel cats in the 4-5lb range, and loads of bluegill. I may try to go back tomorrow afternoon. Don't you know the fish won't be there.

Look a the carp in the center of the picture. This was taken through my Costas.

Next blog post: Recent eats in the area. Just had the best food ever.

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