Monday, July 16, 2012

Heatwave Fishing Pictures

Its been hot here for a few weeks. Temps in the triple digits keep the clients away. I got out to do some fishing with the baby before the temps got too hot. And we fished some 90 degree days. Here are some of the recent pics.

I'm using the iphone more and more to take pictures. In no particular order

Fishing Four Mile Run. 3.73lb largemouth on Snowhite Hellgrammite

 There is the hellgrammite in its mouth. Note the clarity of the water, its knee deep.
 Weighing the fish.
 Got this one on the scorpion bug. Didn't get a chance to weigh it. Look how happy the little pixie is in the background.
 Me and Miles took the boat out last Monday. We got into some nice bass. Had one gar bite but didn't get 'hooked'.
 This bass took my gar Clouser
 The wife and pixie were out of town during the heat wave. So I had some time to fish by myself and with Miles. Here is a pic along the C&O canal. Had one channel cat spit out my damsel, caught a handfull of bluegill. No carp.
 Tying flies for Holt's trip to Scotland. And a Whisky tasting
 Looked down and noticed I stepped on a water snake.
 Wet flies for Scotland. We looked at a Scottish site and didn't have the materials. We improvised.
 Donna with a nice Roaches Run striper on Saturday. It was way to hot and humid.
 Damsel on damsel action.
 Tabatha with her 2nd fly caught fish. On a damsel. On a 4wt rod too.
 Gene hooking up with some stripers on Saturday at Gravelly.
 I stopped at Gravelly one night last week. Was getting double hook ups on the swing.
 One of the fish I caught at Gravelly. SO pretty.
 Anyone else have an infestation of these outside their house at night?
 A Hendricks and Fever Tree tonic outside in the heat.


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