Monday, June 18, 2012

Recent Digital Point & Shoot Uploads

It took a few months but I finally found my waterproof point and shoot. Doesn't seem what function its on, the pictures are always over exposed. Its not as good as my old Cannon Powershot but its waterproof.

These baby ducks were all by themselves at Chain Bridge. After a while there was only 1. Either a fish or a blue heron at the other.

 This was the 3lb bass I pulled out of Roaches Run a few weeks ago.
 A few minutes later I pulled in this beautiful snakehead.

 Dan and I fished the next night. Thats how close the planes are at this spot.
 Dan managed a crappie.
 This is Al from this past Saturday. We got into schoolies and largemouth. A lot of casting. He worked hard for his fish.
 Then to the other side of the tunnel. Two 10 year olds and their dads. We only had one hour to fish. The fish started to pick up and bite as our time was up. I gave them some flies to fish after we were done.
 Double Hook UP!

 The schoolies got bigger. Were taken on either a 1" Clouser or a damsel nymph.
 Biggest fish of the hour!


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