Saturday, June 23, 2012

It Really IS A Small World

Just got back from a party hosted by the wife's cube mate. One of the guests was a young lady from Canberra (where we just visited). We discussed the city, its surroundings, and the kangaroos. I showed her pictures I took on my iphone.

At some point I pulled up our friend Steph's picture on Facebook and said "do you know Steph?". You may remember Steph from the Australia podcast. I showed it to Teegan and she said "I know Steph, I grew up with her, sat next to her in Math class."

What a freaking small world. So I took a picture of Teegan and posted it on Facebook and tagged Steph. I was hoping to surprise Steph with this randomness when she next checked her Facebook.

In the meantime, Teegan called Steph and we all chatted. I think Steph was more surprised than us about the coincidence.

It turns out Teegan is traveling the states right now and her father is friends with the host of the party. For some reason she ended up at the house tonight.

As a non-fly fishing related topic, I thought this was truly bizarre and  had to share it with y'all.

Back to the Occoquan tomororw!

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