Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Got My Snakehead Mojo By Eating One

This is a theory I had back in 2010 that if I ate a snakehead and inherited some of its spirit, that I would be able to eat one. Well I got one while electro-fishing with John Odenkirk of the VDGIF. The TPFR.org folks ate the fish at a cook out at Fletchers on 9/11/10. I had clients so I missed out. As you know, I caught one accidently while carp fishing last year.

Per the last post, you know that I ate a snakehead over the weekend. Today was a bad day. The baby lady was up just after 0500 and was a sad pixie. She is teething and her body is going haywire. She has a cold. I spent most of the day wiping snot from her face. The wife told me to go fishing after work. I did.

I wadered up at my evening spot, grabbed my 8wt with a 30lb-->20lb mono leader and the old Orvis curly tail bunny fly, weedless, in purple.

I waded the shores as the tide rose. I felt a tug and pulled in a nice 3lb bass. It was a great fish but I was disappointed. I kept fishing. The pic is on my point and shoot and its in my car so no pics.

I moved down the spatterdock and cast again. I felt a tug and set the hook. I immediately noticed the black and white splotches. A snakehead. I almost crapped myself. As the last two big fish I hooked were lost when I fought them on the reel, I stripped in the line.

After a brief fight I got my mouth grips in its mouth and held it high. I shouted to my friend Andrew in his canoe and they paddled over half way. He took lots of pictures.

 The fish was all sorts of tangled up in my line since I stripped in the line and gripped the fish over the line. This is what happens when I leave my net in the car. I actually need it. That and having eating the fish over the weekend = good mojo.


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