Friday, June 22, 2012

Channel Catfish Love Popsicles

Sorry to post t his late, been a busy week. I met my clients on Monday night at Roaches Run. We were tossing sinking lines and sink tips on 6wt switch rods and 9' 8wt rods. The  younger client got cold as it was wet wading at dusk.  He climbed up and stripped out line and had his flies swing in the incoming current from above the tunnel. His dad worked the incoming water.

I told the dad not to neglect the waters along the edge of the pond, under the trees, along the shore. He wasn't having any luck swinging flies in the current. A few casts into the shore line got him a bent rod.

Of course as it was dusk and the water stained, we had no idea what type of rod bending, fight on the reel type of fish this was. I ran to get my net and waded after him. The fish had turned him 180 degrees.

The Orvis Access 908-4 Tip Flex was bent for a minute or two and the fish was reeled in using my "new" Loop large arbor reel. 

 We got the fish to the net. It turned out to be another big channel catfish. This was around 17". Dad didn't want a picture with the fish so I got one of it in the net.

The fish was a little beaten up. Notice the pectoral fin is split between the rays and the caudal fin is missing on the top. The barbels (whiskers) were only about an inch long. We took pictures and released the fish. 

The younger client eventually hooked into something about 80' away and as he reeled it in (1995 model Orvis Madison reel) the line eventually wrapped around the tip top of the rod and the fish was eventually lost. 

If you want to learn to tie this simple fly, click the video below:



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