Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2012 Potomac Snakehead Tournament Pictures & Video

I didn't fish the snakehead tournament this year. I did however stop by on Sunday to meet everyone, taste some beer, and eat some snakehead. I can say that I don't often eat fish, but when I do, I eat fish cooked by Chad Wells.

I started off meeting Austin Murphy, the tournament director. He's been having success with the snakeheads on the fly so we talked about that and then did some podcast interviews. I also got a chance to sit down with  chef, lobster junkie, surfer, and tv personality Ben Sargent. I have been a fan of his since his Smackdown with Bobby Flay.

The festivities started and I had a cold lager provided by Flying Dog ale company. I ate a snakehead slider. It was really good. No fishy taste. A meaty, white flesh. It was good as a fried nugget too.

It was a great time with a great vibe. A lot of information was shared and new friendships were made. I plan to fish the tournament next year. The decision I have to make is who to put on my team.

I'll get the podcast to Jason in the next day or so.

Once we all had a chance to eat and drink, the weigh in started. Here are the images and the videos:

The judges at the scales

 Lots of dead snakeheads on ice
 The scale
 Anglers, bow hunters, and observers
 Ben Sargent and he was shooting with film.
 A nice specimen
 These kids were hilarious. Watch them on the video wiping snakehead slime on eachother

 I'd never gotten to see the underside of their jaw. They had this strange pattern
 Small snakeheads in a 50+ gallon barrel

 Lots of blood
 This 4wd was awesome
 Chef Chad Wells with his team's shirts
 The beer and the sliders

 One of Chad's team members enjoying a beer and smoking a cigar
 A bow hunting boat
 Beer on ice. How great is that

 The sign with the sponsors



Awesome post, these anglers and bow fisherman sure are doing their part to help control the population of the snakehead.

The podcast states one fish now can have up to 100,000 eggs in a female. Taking out that many sure does put a dent in the population.

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