Friday, May 11, 2012

Sundown Fishing At Roaches Run Waterfowl Sanctuary

I met Bill and James at Roaches Run the other night for a sunset trip. We strung up the rods and put on our waders in the lot. Our cars mixed amongst the Lincoln Town cars.

We talked to an angler at the tunnel and he said there were lots of gar moving around. Sure enough, we saw gar spawning. Two gar would surface together and put their snouts out of the water. Sometimes they splashed, sometimes they didn't.

Bill and James each fished a red and white Clouser. Bill on a sink tip, James on a floater. We fished the south side of the channel. Fish were busting and surfacing all around us. Fish were literally busting bait under their rod tips.

It didn't take long for James to hook into a fish. It put up a good fight on the flats and turned out to be a big channel cat. As we were out on the flats I did not have my camera so no pictures.

As the tide was still high -this is a funny spot, the tide here appears to be 2 hours behind schedule- we could not get the line out into the channel where the gar were surfacing. The gar were probably 3 feet or longer.

We worked on casting. Getting distance, keeping the rod from going too far back on the back cast, shooting line, limiting the amount of false cats, and stripping in flies. Everyone improved their casting.

I moved us to the other side and tied on a popsicle fly for James with a damsel 1" Clouser dropper.

I had him fish near the tunnel. It was not long before he hooked into something MASSIVE. I'm not talking a 2lb largemouth. This thing was huge. It was taking out line, his rod was bent double, it was my 5wt with a sink tip now. I thought the rod was going to explode. He lost it.

A minute later he was into another big fish. Lost. Then another. He decided to let Bill have a shot. Bill had been out near the sunken tree. It was not long before Bill was into a big fish. It looked like a huge striper (on the popsicle). The fish threw the hook.

I then turn around and see James with a bent rod out near the tree. (forgot to mention that Bill caught and landed 1 clam shell and 3 plastic bottles on the other side and one headlight near the tree) I picked up my net and waded over.

Again the rod looked like it was going to explode. He fought the fish to the net. It was a chunky channel catfish.

 It didn't want to be held. You may think catfish don't have teeth.  I told James to lip the fish and be careful of its tiny teeth. Well the thing jerked and dropped to the ground. It took off a layer of his thumbnail!
 Then we got it for a picture again.
 The above pics were taken with a slow shutter to get light in. But it got dark very quick. It was too dark to see the lines and flies. When their time was up we decided to fish together. I caught a nice striper on the popsicle. We then decided to pack it up. Bill had to get back to his family, me to my wife and baby lady, and James was getting ready to head on a SCUBA trip.

 Some of the late night pics.
 Its hard to leave fish when the fishing was that good.
 We'll  never know what those fish were that we lost.
 I ate a huge pile of bowtie pasta for dinner, all that excitement made me hungry.


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