Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fly Fishing Pohick Bay, Virginia

Picked up my client today at his hotel at 0830. It was tough getting the drift boat out. One of those knobs backed their car up against the trailer hitch again so I had to drag the boat out to traffic to connect it. We stopped at Sports Authority to pick up a license and were on our way.

One of the many great things about Pohick Bay is its just about 15 miles from my house. We put the boat in and were off. Loads of 'glitter boats' out on the water. Jerry got into a small largemouth right away. Scorpion fly of course.

I rowed along the shores. We were amazed at the amount of birds today. Herons, egrets, osprey, bald eagles, and vultures. The vultures were walking along the shore in creepy way. We lost count of the bald eagles. The osprey were everywhere. There was one spot along the shore that had so many song birds, I thought I was back in the neotropical rainforests of my youth.

The tide was rushing out. That made rowing hard but it helped work off my beer gut from the Caps playoff games. We spoke to one kayak angler who bagged a few snakeheads in the spatterdock. We then bumped into Ernie, I told Jerry that looked like my friend Ernie from about 100 yards away. Sure enough it was. Its a small world out on the water here.  The tide was dropping fast (we have that super moon and all tonight) so the weeds and pads were getting dry. I'm not sure where the snakeheads go when the pads dry up. Do they go to deeper water or burrow in the muck with their young?

We went up and then rode the current back down. It was hot out there this morning. I could taste the sweat. It was good to be in the boat. I feel so comfortable in that aluminum beast. We switched flies to the 'foam depot' with a damsel dropper. Jerry got into a massive bluegill/pumpkinseed hybrid looking thing. The fishing was getting slow. We spooked more carp than I could count. We tried a weighted bugger to no luck. Jerry entertained me with stories of guides with AK-47 on their chest on the Mexico/US boarder, trout fishing in Montana (I really need to get out there) and brookies in Vermond. He is a well traveled angler and it was a pleasure watching him toss flies in and amongst logs, trees, and structure. After the water got to a few inches of depth, I pulled the oars in and pulled the motor up. We cruised down and across Pohick Bay and Gunston Cove.

We took a break to eat a sandwich (chicken breast, pesto, arugula, baguette, muenster). As soon as Jerry finished his sandwich we came up to two glitter boats. Jerry cast his clouser to a log and his rod bent double. The clouds were out and our stomachs were full (I'm making him eat a sandwich as soon as I pick him up on Monday). He was into a huge largemouth. The largest of any client to date.

I had the big net with me and we got that fish to the boat. It was next to that log and wanted to wrap us around it. How much did it weigh? I can't say. Although I just ordered a digital fish scale on the Ebay.

The wind picked up and we kept at it. The water clarity dropped and the amount of boats diminished. We began to fish the water from earlier. It was not long before Jerry hooked into another largemouth.

As you can see by the background, the storm arrived. We were in some skinny water when we put on the rain gear. Tropical sized raindrops. I pulled the engine and we headed back to shore. Of course the rain stopped. We had a nice chat with Ernie and Dr. Mo and headed back to Crystal City.

Monday, "Fred Vegas", stripers, and Carl's custard.


Snowhite - run your boat far up into pohick creek if you want to really destroy them... Perfect for your flyrodders. Believe it or not, several 2 and 3 lb largemouth lurk in the deeper channels, in addition to a million 8-12 inchers. Zero fishing pressure since the bass boats cant get that far up.

Tom D.

RS - if that was you out there today... Tough conditions. Usually much better when water is less stained and less windy.


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