Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fly Fishing The Falmouth Flats in Fredericksburg

I picked up Jerry and his son a their hotel at 10am ish on Monday morning. I don't know how to spell his son's name so we'll call him j. We picked up a fishing license for j at the Sports Authority in Alexandria and made our way south.

I got some tips on snakeheads biting over the weekend in the Occoquan. One was 19lbs and I saw the picture of it. I showed Jerry and j the picture but Jerry was the boss and he wanted to go to Fred Vegas.

We pulled into the Fredericksburg lot around 11am and put the boat in. It was a short motor up to the Rte 1 bridge where we dropped anchor. I counted 7 ospreys flying above. One island across from that old pump looking building had a bunch of egrets on the trees. Never seen an egret down there before.

We dropped anchor off the flats as the tide dropped. Fish were jumping everywhere. It wasn't long before j hooked into a herring, then a shad, then stripers, then white perch, and some bluegill. The fishing was just about constant all day long. Nothing too huge but these fish put up a good fight and everyone was exhausted by days end.

We didn't photograph every fish, but here are some we did manage. I was hoping the water would clear and we could see the fish from shad and herring to gar and lamprey. It was mostly stained.

 This snake was swimming around. Probably a 6' long or so black racer or rat snake. Some dudes on shore wanted to catch it. We filmed this as we wanted to post a dude getting bit by a snake on the internets.

 Rods were bent all day long. Look how overcast the day was.
 Lets hope this little one grows up to be a big one. The bigger fish would have been around at dark, we took off around 5pm.

 This was the biggest striper of the trip. It took a chartreuse and pink 1" Clouser.
I'd be remiss if I neglected to tell you about the bikini hatch. It was in full effect. Y'all missed a show.
On the way back we were stopped not once, but twice by state officials. We were first stopped by an incognito state official who was in a boat. He asked us about the stripers and how many we caught. I told him we threw everything back so there will be more fish in the future. He then moved over to us which was kind of strange, then produced a badge from around his neck.

 I miss the days when there were more rocks in the river here. The removal of the Embry dam up river put a lot of silt down here. The rocks I stood on in my college days are buried. In time the rains will move the particles down stream and I'll have my favorite wading rock back.
 We didn't see a whole lot of traffic. It was a Monday. A few wade fisherman and some spin fisherman and women. You don't see ladies in bikinis throwing spinner baits too often.
We drifted the river on the way back down and only got some sunfish. The water was slow so we motored the rest of the way back.

We were then stopped at the boat take out. I need to get an air horn and a throwable device for my boat. Other than that, we were in good condition. The officer was jealous of the drift boat, he had not seen one and that brand since he left his old stomping grounds of Oregon.

Everyone was too tired to go look for snakeheads. I drove J and j straight to their hotel (after a food and bathroom break at Wawa). It was a great trip. I miss fishing in Fredericksburg like I did in college.


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