Thursday, May 24, 2012

Checking in From Down Under via The Future

When this posts, it will be Thursday morning. However its almost Friday morning where I'm typing from.

Had to bust out the computer to type a response to a negative comment I got on one of my youtube videos. While the keyboard is out, figured I would update y'all. I've been recording a podcast while here and taken almost 800 pictures.

So far I can tell you that beer is very expensive. A case of Sierra Nevada is $74. The cheapest local beer is $3 a can at the beer shop. They drive on the wrong side of the road and thus i -shift button not working so its lower case.- so i have not taken a friends rental car out to drive. The toilets flush vertically so no Coriolus Effect there. The shower too. I have to admit its the best shower I've ever had. hey the button worked on that 'i'.

The fishing here sucks. The lake -Burley Griffen- is 3' drained to fix the dam. There is a massive algae bloom and the whole lake has a foul odor. It looks like pea soup. The lake i was told is now closed for activities.

I've seen most of what I can around here while watching the baby lady.. The food at the grocery store is great. Very pro-Australia. Lots of local food and no preservatives, no GMO, no corn in everything.

They put beet roots and pineapple on their burgers.

The fishing shop was located in the porn district of Australia.

There are parrots and parakeets and cockatoos all over the place.

I saw a kangaroo jump over a fence and get tripped up.

The vineyards are great.

Jacobs Creek cool harvest fizzy wine is my new favorite.

The cheese here is some serious business.

lots of old  tv shows to watch while baby lady naps - miami vice, macgyver, love boat, crazy like a fox, happy days,

i like the show 'numbers and letters' and not just because lilly serna is easy on the eyes. 9this sticky shift button is pissing me off 0

Looking forward to getting back home where the baby does not wake up at 0200, MJ and i are taking the boat out on Sunday and i plan on fishing for snakeheads on monday. now there is a lot of hype about our snakeheads on the news-new world record 19lb fish- business should pick up a lot. Ok, time to watch master chef.



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