Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Australia Mobile Uploads

Here are the mobile uploads from my new iPhone. Can't believe I had an android for so many years. This thing is light years ahead of that old lemon.

I felt like I was jousting when I pushed the stroller with an 11' switch rod.
 Flies at Tackleworld. I picked up some bread flies and a 'killer' pattern I first heard about in South Africa in '98. Had never seen one until this shop. Had to get one.
 The fly section was small, but the rest of the store was jam packed. Hard to push a stroller through there.

 Our favorite rum, Sailor Jerry. It is about $18 a liter back here.
 The wife and the baby lady
 The baby food options were crazy gourmet.

I'd love to have one of these 4x4 cars. Most SUV in town had snorkels and added head lights and winches. Some had john boats on top.

 I downloaded the 'I'd Cap That' app to  my phone and it randomly captions pictures.
 Should have bought one of these.
 The BIZARRE sidekick/mascot on a local fishing show. WTF is that thing?
 Look at the price of Sierra! One bottle is $4.50. A case is $75
 Great sign. Truly an amazing animal.
 This was one of the best stocked booze shops around. We sampled Tazmanian wines over and over again.
 Bill Bryson-
 That thing again. WTF is that?

 The cheapest case of beer is $40
 Baby lady eating the carp chum.
 Us getting skunked
 That bald head is Peter Garrett from Midnight Oil
 Wine tasting at Majura Mountain

 This is the sign at the spot we had fished the first week. It was new the 2nd week.
 For the 2nd time in two vacations, I find sex toys on a fishing trip.
 I did not go in there (it was for lease anyway)

 Wife's dinner
 Spicy cow
 $5.80 or 3 for $15

 Baby playing with Tenkara
 Our grocery haven. Best chicken tikka masala ever.
 This was surprisingly good.


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  2. The post will be published tomorrow, and love your Carp posts on the Potomac, they fight so hard.

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  4. You might be qualified to get a Apple iPhone 7.