Monday, April 2, 2012

Recent Pics | Shad, Goldfish, Perch

The Potomac is still running a bit murky from rain over a week ago. The fish continued to bite over the weekend with some dull periods as the tide rose. I'm becoming less a fan of high tide fishing from shore. Too many rocks are obscured and we loose a lot of flies. The shore access becomes limited too and makes casting more difficult. Next weekend's tides will be dropping as we fish. The American shad are slamming flies more often than in the past week. My three go to flies have been a thread comet (orange or pink), chartreuse damsel nymph, and a red/silver shad jig. I've started using lighter rods, in the 5wt and 6wt class to lessen fatigue on clients who are roll casting all day.

The perch can be caught on almost every cast if the flies are fished slow with a twitch and near bottom. American shad will hit flies fished slow and deep or along the current seam. Gizzard shad showed up and smacked our flies yesterday. The snakehead sightings have gone down in the past week. Fewer fish to spot and cast to. You can put a popper or streamer in front of them with no reaction.

A snakehead was shot with a bow today and it was gutted. Reports are the stomach contents were empty.

Fly fishing for shad started early this year and I hope it continues for several more weeks. I expect more schoolie stripers to show up this week as the water levels drop, clear, and warm up. The nasty needlefish won't be too far behind. I got ahold of some nice gift bag and took the rope handles to turn into gar flies. 

Here are some of the past week's photos:

There is a mondo-huge snakehead right under Stuart's feet. That flat rock in the water to the left, yea, thats the culprit.

 Bald eagle
 Kirsi in the backpack
 Surfacing snakehead
 Tyler and I netted this goldfish in the Tidal Basin one night.
 Tiny Elvis would say about his fish "that thing is huge man"
 Hickory shad
 This 10 year old could lay out some line.
 Nice American shad with cigars !
 Double hook up! Perch nun-chucks

 American shad, he caught one on his first cast BABOOM!
 Gizzard shad. They smell so much I try to convince clients not to handle htem.
 American shad.

 Hickory shad I caught while waiting for clients.
 White perch I caught while waiting for clients (7 perch, 3 shad in 15 min)
 Here is my shad fly box. I can sell you any of these flies except the Japanese blade ones on the bottom.


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