Saturday, April 14, 2012

My 11 Year Old Client Is More Hard Core Than YOU

Fishing today was not easy. It was downright work. Lots of casting and very little to show. Rebecca is an 11 year old who is more hard core than you. She wanted to fish her Pfleuger rod instead of a fancy Orvis rod or my Temple Fork Outfitters switch rod. She was wearing Maui Jim sunglasses (what 11 year old gets to do that? )

The shad bite from shore has all but stopped. Its shut down. Nothing. Her dad spots a school of white sucker (Catostomus commersoni) working the bottom. I take off her shad fly and put on a split shot and copper john. She casts and casts. I'm talking 2.5+ hours of working this school. Not many kids have this much fishing in them. Not many adults have that much perseverance. She WORKED that school. She stopped for an apple and a sandwich and some water. Maybe missing 5 min of fishing. She went back and WORKED that school.

She cast, drifted, mended, and did what she could to get that fly down to the fish. It was the only weighted nymph I had. After several hours, her line went taught. She set the hook and was onto a big fish. The only fish of the day.

I saw the fish pull line off her reel. I made a dash for the net upstream. If you have ever fished. the Potomac near Chain Bridge, you know the shore is dodgy. I took a spill and busted up my left hand. I got to my feet, ran to the net, and ran back. We netted that fish. She had no fear of doing the "Grip & Grin" shot. Her dad and I got pictures of her holding the fish, releasing the fish, and after. I got the big high five from her, that made my day.

How many 11 year old girls do you know that could cast for 4 hours, work a school of fish by sight casting, and then get one of the most difficult fish on the Potomac. In fact, this is the first confirmation of a white sucker on a fly on the Potomac that I have ever heard of. Kudos to Rebecca.

She is more hardcore than you.


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